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Booklights, Book Blogger Convention, and Digging Out

I’m anxiously awaiting the rest of Fuse#8’s Top 100 Children’s Novels as she finishes her move and arranges her Internet access. Four of my choices have already made the list, and I talk about them over at PBS Booklights. See them there and add your thoughts in the comments. I’m looking forward to the runoff between Charlotte’s Web and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, though I’m betting that the series factor to the Rowling books will split the votes, leaving Charlotte’s Web to take the number one spot. What do you think?

I’m apologetic for not mentioning the upcoming Book Blogger Convention in May. This is not — repeat, not — KidLitCon 2010, which will take place in Minneapolis in late October. It is, however, a fantastic opportunity to stretch your comfort zone and meet other book bloggers perhaps outside our wonderful kidlitosphere community. It is also now affiliated with Book Expo America, so registering for the conference gets you into BEA with a free press pass without having to convince BEA that you are indeed a book blogger, not a “Book Industry Professional.” The keynote speaker is YA Author Maureen Johnson, and you’ll see our peeps Betsy Bird of Fuse#8 and Terry Doherty of The Reading Tub on panels. Check out the Book Blogger Convention website for more information and to register.

I’m astonished how quickly February raced by, dumping me in March with piles of melting snow to navigate and stacks of books to review. And I still can’t find my Shutterfly 2010 calendar. Or for that matter, my living room floor. So excuse me if I’ve been less-than-present online. This too shall pass.


Anonymous said...

I haven't adjusted to the fact that it's March yet. Honestly, I'm still kind of having trouble with "2010."

Unknown said...

Is it possible to get a list of the Top 100 Children's Novels? When I go to the website I find the breakdowns of the books 80-71 difficult to scroll through. On the site I didn't see a simple list. Do you know of one?