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Booklights, Poetry Month, and More

I was going to post yesterday, but was floored by the number of options available given the day. I mean, you had April Fool’s Day, the first day of Poetry Month, Passover, Easter weekend, my Booklights day, and my Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie viewing. Too much!

So let’s knock this out here. Fuse#8 got me with her April Fool’s Day joke, but I’ll just focus on the laughing and direct you the hysterical book I’ve been reading lately. It’s not for kids, and may be a little blue for many adults, but boy is it funny. If you like comedy — and who doesn’t — check out I Killed: True Stories from the Road from America’s Top Comics.

Poetry Month is off and running among the blogs, and the schedule is available as its own page at KidLitosphere Central. Nice School Library Journal write-up, too.

I was dying to embed the Steven Colbert video where he shows off the new Passover Plague puppets. Watch it at the thirteen minute mark (the second segment) below. We’ve been laughing about it all week. “I don’t know... be alive.”

For Easter, I was going to write about back-up bunny books that you could pick up if you missed your holiday grab at the library. Then I realized that there were over three hundred picture books featuring rabbits at my local library, so I’m going to point to Beatrix Potter and leave it at that. I reserved my Booklights post for a shout-out to poetry month.

Also, I saw Diary of a Wimpy Kid with my thirteen- and ten-year-old daughters, and we all loved it. I laughed a lot and throughly enjoyed myself. The casting is excellent, and the film captures the feel of the book while expanding on it and making it feel stunningly realistic. The kids look like real kids. What kind of way is that to make a movie? (Pssst! Hollywood? An excellent way.)

I’m offline for a few days to enjoy the pleasant holiday weekend. Hope you have the sunshine that we have here. It’s beginning to feel like... spring.

Note: Edited to embed the Colbert clip.

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CindyD said...

Just saw that Jan Brett has a new Easter bunny book out. Haven't read it, but I bet it's good!

Suzanne Casamento said...

Sounds like you have a lot going on. Cheers to the holiday weekend and to spring!