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Thursday Three: Snow

Snow, snow, snow! Everywhere but here, where we have the sad remains of the last snowfall topped off by a charming slush, courtesy of a day of steady rain. But for everyone else sitting in piles of the white stuff, here are some snowy picture books for your enjoyment.

Waiting for Winter
by Sebastian Meschenmoser
Waiting for WinterHearing about this wondrous thing called snow, a squirrel is determined to wait it out to see the first sign of the cold, white, soft stuff. As he involves Hedgehog and Bear in his wait, they each suspect things that are most definitely not snow, but that will make readers giggle. Of course, in the end the real snow falls in all its cold, white, soft beauty. Lovely pencil illustrations give interest and humor to the story.

Terrible Storm
by Carol Otis Hurst, illustrated by S.D. Schindler
Terrible StormTwo grandfathers have been friends since they were kids. They grew up in the same town and survived the same big storm. As they sit on the porch now in their old age, they talk about how terrible the big storm was. As it turned out, the shy man was trapped in with lots of people, while the social man was trapped alone in a barn. It was torture for both of them. Great story with lovely detailed illustrations.

Snow Day!
by Lester L. Laminack, illustrated by Adam Gustavson

Snow Day!“Did you hear that? Did the weatherman just say what I thought he did? Did he say... SNOW? Oh please, let it snow. Lots and lots of snow.” This person is ready for a snow day and all the things that go along with it. No alarm clock. Staying in PJs. Playing outside. A day to watch TV and read a new book. To sled and throw snowballs. The special fun in this book is the surprise that I won’t spoil, and the fun illustrations that bring the reader into the imagining of the perfect snow day. (Even if you’ve had enough of them this year.)

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Anonymous said...

Great suggestions! We are blanketed with snow, too. I think when I get to work a snow book display is in order!

Jo-Ann said...

Waiting for winter is my new favourite this year!

Alex said...

Our snow has turned ugly - dirty and slushy, so a few books where snow is still pretty are always nice.

wcpl said...

Great snow day reading suggestions! Kazuo Iwamura's Hooray for Snow is another one I love. Who can resist a story with a bit of sibling mischief...