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Poetry Friday: Packing

Two years ago I was inspired to write a list poem in response to the weekly challenge of Miss Rumphius. Today I was planning to post something else, but then it hit me that I am leaving for KidLitCon Seattle in less than a week. Wow! As I thought about my packing, I realized that perhaps my fellow travelers could use some advice. So here goes:


Start with
A carry-on bag
With a noticeable tag.
Black pants to dress up
The essential black T-shirt.
A jacket adds color or slims in black.
A cotton dress cut just above the knee
Easily goes from daytime to evening with
Comfortable heels and versatile accessories.
(Colorful bangles for day, silver chains for evening.)
Shorts and shirt to sleep in provide emergency clothes.
One interesting shirt that can start a barstool conversation.
Undergarments, socks, belts, extra shirt, and toiletries.
(Liquids in a plastic bag on top, for airport security.)
Two books of different styles, and the guidebook.
Don’t pack pinchy shoes, no matter how cute
No organizers, calendars or work numbers.
Leave behind preconceived notions about
Sushi, planes, or talking to strangers.
Wear the really flattering jeans.
Slip on walking shoes.
(Black is best.)
And go.

Looking forward to seeing many of you at KidLitCon next weekend! Please don’t be shy, come and say hi! (See, another poem! I’m on a roll!) Poetry Friday round-up is hosted at Secrets and Soda.


tanita✿davis said...

It's kind of killing me that I won't be there. Y'all have fun!

david elzey said...

likewise, i've said since the first kidlitcon "next time" but sadly, not this time.

as for the poem, what constitutes an "interesting shirt that can start barstool conversation?"

have fun!

MotherReader said...

Tanita and David, we'll miss you both. As for the shirt, I recommend just about anything from Threadless.com. My current favorite is one that is a giant word find. My previous favorite - that has now been claimed by my teen - says:

Haikus are easy
but sometimes they don't make sense.

Mary Lee said...

I wish I were going to KidlitCon! Tell everyone I said, "Hey!"

laurasalas said...

I love this poem! Wish I was going to kidlitcon, but with all our summer drum corps travel, I just can't swing it. I love the interesting shirt and the advice on what to leave behind, too. Nice!

Have fun! I'll miss seeing you guys in person again!

Sondy said...

I'll see you tomorrow, Pam! Sadly, my plane doesn't land until just as your session is ending, though. But looking forward to seeing you!