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Poetry Friday: A Full Moon is Rising

Tomorrow is the last day to nominate books for the Cybils, and no category needs your support more than poetry. I tried, but all of the books that I suggested were already nominated. So someone with some expertise needs to find those missing books and get them on the list, as I am sure that there were more than thirty titles published in children’s and Young Adult poetry last year. Go. Nominate.

A Full Moon is RisingMy personal favorite is A Full Moon is Rising, with poems by Marilyn Singer and illustrations by Julia Cairns. Honestly, I could almost stop at just framing the cover, but then I’d miss the world travel offered by the verse, which takes the reader from the moon over New York City through the sands of Morocco to the seas of the Caribbean out to the reaches of space and back again. The poems nicely capture the different cultures under the moonlight and specific activities honoring its glow, while engaging illustrations perfectly display the diverse world. With supplementary material including a highlighted world map, lunar phases, and descriptions of the areas, the book ventures into the territory of indispensable for personal and classroom use. In tribute to my own New York City love, here’s the first poem:
Broadway Moon

It waits behind skyscrapers,
a brilliant actor in the wings,
ready for its monthly debut.
One the sidewalk, and audience of one
watches and silently applauds
when it grandly appears.
Today’s Poetry Friday is hosted at fomagrams. And don’t forget your Cybils nominating!

A Full Moon is Rising
by Marilyn Singer and illustrated by Julia Cairns
Published by Lee & Low Books, 2011
Copy provided by publisher

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GatheringBooks said...

I've read so many lovely things about this book. Seems to be universally-loved. Thank you for sharing this.