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Picture Book Month

There is indeed a movement to make November a time to celebrate children’s literature with Picture Book Month. Led by author Dianne de Las Casas, the website will feature essays of notable authors and illustrators, along with resources, activities, and referrals. As the organizer for the Cybils category for picture books, I could certainly get on board with such fantastic idea. As it turns out, I was already planning to fill this blog with reviews of the many, many, many Cybils-nominated titles in my category. So look for that.

It’s also good timing that I can start today with a proclamation, but even better that it is written by someone else. Especially if that person or people should have particular regard for the topic. People like authors and illustrators of children’s books, like Mac Barnett, Sophie Blackall, Carson Ellis, Adam Rex, Jon Scieszka. Something like this:

While I’m not sure I agree with all aspects of the manifesto — I don’t mind the term “kid-friendly,” for one — I love the concept. The website is getting a lot of attention and hopefully starting some conversations. With my idea to talk more about the many (many, many) books nominated for the Cybils this year, I’m taking another look at one line of the manifesto: “We need more robust criticism to keep us original.” Are you sure? Really? ’Cause I could give it to you, but it won’t be nice...

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