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Personal Update

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! That is the sound of me relaxing for the first time in... I want to say... years?

Maybe it just feels that way, and certainly everything in my life hasn't reached a positive plateau. However, two big things are squared away. My senior was basically accepted into an excellent, affordable college, and while she hasn't decided on William & Mary, it's a relief to know that it's there as an extremely attractive option. She also just got the part of Cleopatra - the role she's been wanting and working towards, in a way since she starting acting. She's put a lot of time into this theater department and has truly earned this part with both performance skills and hard work.

Also the kid - who is really a teen - is settling into high school quite nicely. She's finding her own place in theater and chorus with parts and solos, both well-deserved. She's really shined in Unplugged with an original song and a beautiful cover, and that venue has given her incentive to keep working on her guitar. We watch American Idol together with an analytical approach to what she should do when she auditions.

And they get good grades, have friends, enjoy each other, and still hang out with me.

I've hit the parenting jackpot, and I'm so proud and happy.

So, time to breathe and figure out what is next.


tanita✿davis said...

Lucky, lucky you.
The most awesome thing is that you NOTICE. Smart, smart you.

Melissa said...

I can empathize with the college stress. It's nice to have them accepted into one that fits what they want.

And kid is just brilliant. I'm sure she has a wonderful future. I love listening to her sing.

Jen Robinson said...

Glad to hear you are breathing, Pam. I am not breathing these days, alas. But hope to get dug out in the next week or so, and back to normal. Wanted to say hi, though :-)