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College Update

March has been an anxious month waiting for college acceptances to arrive, and I suppose I don't write when I'm anxious. I can't say what else I was doing, besides churning over the same college information and cleaning out the computer/storage room. Oh, and shoveling snow, which was flippin' weird in March.

But the results are in, and they are good for the Teen. She didn't quite make her reach school Columbia, but was admitted to its sister school Barnard. She swept our Virginia colleges with acceptances from University of Virginia, University of Richmond, and William & Mary, along with UNC at Chapel Hill. A last minute addition of George Washington University is looking promising with an admittance to a selective honors program and a large scholarship.

With such a variety of good schools to consider and such a big decision to make, I can't say how present I'll be online this month either. Though there is a significant difference in the tension of not being able to move forward because you have no idea what to decide among, and the tension of having many good choices to decide among. If it's any indication, this nagging lower back pain I've had for weeks is suddenly gone.

If you have anything to share about the schools, I'd love to hear. Especially about GWU or Barnard, where I don't have any insider view. William & Mary is safely covered by its two alumni in this very house - which is probably killing Teen's view of it - and Richmond is too expensive.

All right, I'm going to move on because I could write for hours comparing what we know of those schools and how they fit my daughter and what that could eventually mean for her future and if any will affect her potential as President...

Oh, yeah everything else is fine. The Kid is on a chorus trip to DisneyWorld and auditioned for a summer theatre program of Legally Blonde, which should be fun. My mom is doing fine from her recent follow-up appointment and got a new kitty friend. The husband and I are coming up on our twentieth year anniversary, and will likely have to pretend that it is actually occurring at a more convenient time to celebrate. Like 2016.

If you're reading this, thanks for staying around. I haven't been a great citizen of the KidLitosphere, but I love my friends in it too much to disappear entirely. Just sometimes, for odd stretches of time. Be well!


tanita✿davis said...

I'm no help with East Coast school advice, but having just read about that Ghanian kid who got in all eight Ivy League schools, I'm ready to cheer for everybody. Congrats to The Teen! And to the parents, for all the hard work prepping her for this next chapter in her life.

Alex said...

GWU is a good school. I know people whose kids went or go there now and they are happy with it. Barnard would be my 1st choice. It is in a wonderful location, across the street from Columbia and you can take Columbia classes as well. The part of the Upper West Side is so diverse and of course there is Broadway and all kinds of cheap ways for a college student to see shows. I could go on and on.

Congratulations to Teen Girl and aren't you glad the application process is over for now. I know I was.

Ms. Yingling said...

I always forget that East Coasters get very distraught over what college people attend. In the end, those are all more fab schools than my girls will go to, so deep breaths. Not that you'll believe me, but in the end, it really doesn't matter at all! (Both of my mine will probably graduate from Kent State. Case Western seems "too fancy" for the younger!)

Polly said...

GWU is a good school, and has a lovely campus. Life in DC has many things to recommend it, too!

Laurie C said...

I got all caught up in college acceptances, too; I think we as parents enjoy seeing the world of possibilities open up for our kids. It's true that it's more important that they have good study habits, common sense, and good luck with roommates for a great college experience than which particular college you go to, but I'm an East Coaster, too, and it's like March Madness for non-sports fans!