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48 Hour Book Challenge: Get Ready

Okay, we are seriously close to the Tenth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge and it is time to get ready. Do you have your books? I've got mine. Do you have your plan? I sort of have mine. Which can serve as an example for those of you without clear schedules.

When I set the dates, I wasn't really thinking about my daughter's dance recitals over that weekend. With a little internal negotiating of what does or does not make me a bad mother, I've settled on going to the last one and skipping one entirely. This isn't quite as awful as it may sound because my teen is less interested in the recitals than others may be. It also turns out that I work on Saturday, so I'm going to lose a huge chunk of time. But so be it. I'm making my own goal to hit 24 hours of reading in the 48 hour period - and I'm not sure I can do it. But that's why it's a Challenge.

So don't worry if you can't put in a whole weekend. Just let it be a weekend where reading is a priority and done with friends. Sign up in the comments and look for the starting line post on Friday. See you there.

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Katya said...

I'll be blogging at http://www.katyaczaja.com and the kids at http://lapwingsread.blogspot.com.

Unfortunately I mis-read the dates and I forgot that the tween is leaving for camp on Sunday... so I'll have to take breaks from reading to deal with packing and organizing. :-)

We've got a big stack of books and tomorrow we're going out to buy snacks. We're ready.

Ms. Yingling said...

I might be able to squeeze in 24 hours after the garage sale, but only if younger members of staff step up and do grocery shopping. And maybe pick up dinner Saturday night. Yes! I think I have enough books stock piled and everything. Sign me up!

Sondy said...

I'm getting excited! I'm also working Saturday, but Friday is looking pretty clear. I think 24 hours is a worthy goal.

Roberta at Wrapped in Foil said...

I am also glad we can start on Friday. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is reading, too.

Juli said...

I'll be visiting my parents for Father's Day, but should be able to get some good chinks of reading time in. Especially since it's a six hour drive and we're allowed one audio book. :)