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I couldn’t think of a poem today, and yesterday I was all worn out from Halloween. The kids went trick-or-treating in the neighborhood and then we drove over to our old neighborhood to eat chili and drink beer around the fire. You know, traditional Halloween activities. We’ve done it for years. For a while, we even had neighbors who would treat us to a fire-eating show. Good times. Even without the carnival folk, it’s still fun to top off a day of candy-grabbing with a laid-back party.

So, I was playing around on the Amazon bargain books again, as I do when my mind needs a rest. Here are some picture book choices because, as Hallmark keeps reminding me, Christmas is right around the corner.

I Love You Always and Forever, by Jonathan Emmett
A cute story about love between father and daughter mice.

I Love You Just the Same, by Erica Wolf
A cute story about love between mother and son bears.

Goodnight Lulu, by Paulette Bogan
A silly bedtime story of all the worries a chick has and all the ways her mom would take care of her.

Riley and Rose in the Picture, by Susanna Getz
A fun story of a cat and dog who learn to work together while making a picture.

Jingle Bells, by Iza Trapani
A Christmas story using the song and a magical sleigh to see Christmas traditions in other countries.

Christmas Treasury: Merry Stories and Poems, illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
A bunch of Christmas stories and poems to share with the family.

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