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Booklights and More Booklights

Today my Booklights post is about my three favorite summer books. Can you guess them? Pop over to see and add your own suggestions in the comments. Usually I put a bonus book here, but this time I’ll refer back to an earlier post on Jenny Han’s book The Summer I Turned Pretty:
Belly measures her life by summers when she stays in a beach house with a family friend. While Belly’s mom and her friend Susannah spend time together, Belly tags along behind her brother and Susannah’s boys. She takes on the role of younger sister to Jeremiah and Conrad, and sometimes it chafes her like the sand in her swimsuit. But this summer is different, because Belly has finally come into her own. She’s grown up now and things are changing.
Wow. There’s something about quoting your own blog that’s a little unnerving. But perhaps not as much as an ego trip as pointing out your own interview. Terry of The Reading Tub put together a wonderful interview talking about PBS Booklights with the team. Check it out.

And while we’re still talking about Booklights, take a look at Susan’s post about which children’s book you wish you could enjoy for the first time all over again. Her writing is lovely and insightful, and has inspired a wave of thoughtful comments. Go add yours.

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