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Carnival of Children’s Literature and Music Video

Man, I’ve been so lazy this summer. I can’t seem to get anything done. The garden is a mess, the house is a disaster, and the blog needs work. Yet I’ll read in bed or watch TV with the family or head to the pool — anything but do the chores. Omigod, I’m a child.

To be fair, it’s my first summer without working for ten years. And even ten years ago, I had a newborn, so that shouldn’t even count as a summer off. So really it’s my first work-free summer since... I was a child. Huh.

Today, instead of writing, I’ll be enjoying the wonderful Summer Carnival of Children’s Literature. Melissa Wiley pulled together a great collection of posts that are not to be missed.

Also, here’s a little video I saw on Library Stew. Being musical (and with a musical daughter), I particularly enjoyed it, and would love to find out more about this session on Notes & Neurons.


Saints and Spinners said...

Thanks for the video! Waldorf education uses the pentatonic scale for a lot of its songs. I'm still trying to wrap my head around music theory.

Silly Bus said...

Nice Video!! Thanks for sharing.