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DonorsChoose Request for Books

I knew that there was a reason I couldn’t start my blog post today. I was waiting for this announcement to come through my email:
In 2000, a teacher in the Bronx started DonorsChoose with the help of his students. This month marks our 10th anniversary, and we just received a gift that made our decade...

Townsend Press has donated one million (!) dollars to fund all book requests down to just $98 or less — on the condition that folks like you take them across the finish line. As a previous supporter of literacy projects, we thought you’d find this as exciting as we do.

Our birthday wish is that you’ll help bring a local book request to life.

Let’s celebrate 10 years by hooking tens of thousands of students on reading!

Thank you,
The DonorsChoose.org Team
Kidlitosphere, let’s help them out! This great charity offers a unique way of funding smaller projects in specific classrooms. I’ve donated through the 48 Hour Book Challenge and made it our charity for last year’s KidLitCon. My teen made DC schools her community project last year, and donated money that she made to help the project. I’ve received letters from the kids that would melt your heart — for two reasons, really. One, because the kids are sincerely grateful. But also because the writing is remedial, which emphasizes how much these kids need books. And people who care. Be one of them.

Edited to add: I just helped complete the drive to get this classroom in Virginia some beginning reader books. See how easy it is?


Charlotte said...

Thanks for posting about this--very easy and worthwhile!

Unknown said...

YESSS! DonorsChoose is the best! B/c of the awesomeness of Townsend Press my school has had two proposals funded in the past 24 hours. Thank you for hyping it up to the blogging world!