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Please Stand By...

My KidlitCon write-up will be coming soon. I thought I’d be writing it today, but realized that my dad is coming on Thursday and my house is an absolute mess. I need to spend two days of serious cleaning, and hopefully will be working up some of my post in my head at the same time. Because that’s kinda how I work anyway. I can certainly say that KidlitCon was wonderful and that I’m already excited about next year.

By the way, the reason my dad is coming up from Florida on this particular weekend of all weekends? The Rally to Restore Sanity. Which says a lot about my family, huh? Not only are we going with my tween and teen — who are big fans of Colbert and Stewart — but my 67-year-old dad is joining us. There are times I’m just so proud of us.

I am bit annoyed with a Washington Post editorial that latched onto a small joke Stewart made, calling it the Million Moderate March. The writer then proceeded to completely miss the point, lamenting the loss of the true political moderate as it was going to be destroyed by this rally. Sigh. Can’t anyone do their research anymore? It seems pretty clear to me that the reference to moderate was less about placement on political spectrum than a concept of how we want to approach discourse without hyperbole. The Rally to Restore Sanity isn’t saying that sanity is in a Democratic platform (even if you might think that it is). It is literally about restoring sanity with the way we approach the conversations and problems of our country, with the idea that perhaps if we talk about it seriously — instead of drawing Hitler mustaches — we might understand each other better. And hey, maybe find solutions for America. What a concept.

Are you going? You can stay with me if you’ll clean my basement — but I don’t think that you’ll find it that good of a deal.


CindyD said...

My husband and I would clean your basement in a heartbeat if we could afford the airfare to get there from Arizona! So jealous that you are all going - looking forward to your detailed write-up.

Michelle said...

Bwahahaha! I think I'll pass on the generous basement cleaning offer.

I also think I'll be avoiding the DC area during the chaos. Dude, I can see the Springfield metro station now. Total.mob.scene.

I'll be interested to see the news coverage though, there will be some awesome sound bites that come out of it all I have no dobut.

I'm anxiously awaiting your Kidlitcon recap. It looks like everyone had a fantastic time.

Melissa said...

Being a fan of Stewart myself, I'd love to be there. But, being in Kansas (and having just come back from a weekend trip!), I don't think it's going to be possible. Hope you have a grand time!

Shelley said...

So jealous! If I lived in the area, I'd be there, but I'm on the other side of the country. I can't wait to hear all about it.