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Working Hard

Another update knowing that What Happens on Wednesdays, Stays on Wednesdays.

With week I took off for Baltimore and the week I will take off for New York, my part time hours were all crammed into these two weeks. It's exhausting! How do you people manage to work full time, like all the time?

Granted, I'm also continuing to monitor my mother's care in Baltimore. That requires an hour phone call a day, because while she doesn't always speak well, but she always talks long. I did arrange for a home health aide to transport her to an from treatment, but I'm still involved in the logistics somewhat as my mother gets confused about what this person is supposed to do. I tell her that the aide's job is to do anything she finds difficult, but that's too open-ended for my mother.

Somehow I woke up in the middle of all this and realized that our big trip to New York - the one where Also-Teen goes to her Broadway program - was a week away. I had booked a hotel and sent the kid's headshot, resume, monologue, and song selections. But no other planning had taken place. These last few days have been a frenzy of figuring out the schedule, arranging transportation, buying theatre tickets, and even a little packing. Yup, my bag is ready to go.

We'll go to see RENT on Sunday, because we love the show and got free tickets for our obstructed view seats last time we went. Score for asking! On Tuesday, we'll see Newsies, because that is the show that Erin's program is attending and they'll offer a cast talk afterwards. I had wanted to try for the Shakespeare in the Park's Into the Woods Wednesday or Thursday, but it looks like getting tickets involves waiting from 6:00 a.m. to distribution at 1:00 p.m. and there is nothing I care about that much. We'll try the online lottery option, but otherwise may head to TKTS booth on Thursday and see what we can find.

At this point in our New York visits, we've done the big sights and so we spend time wandering, shopping, and revisiting our favorites. Lots of our favorites are - perhaps unsurprisingly given our show ticket orders - free. We'll take in the High Line, Broadway in Bryant Park, and MoMA on Friday night. I've also found the free or pay-what-you-wish hours at the Guggenheim and the Frick Collection, so I'll be heading there too. All of this comes from this listing of free and discounted museums in New York. You're welcome.

I know I will love this trip, but am finding it hard to get excited because I am just so tired. I can't find the time or energy to feel the anticipation. But weary or not, this is happening, folks. If you'll be in the neighborhood next week, give me a holler.

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Even in Australia said...

I consider myself a pretty savvy New Yorker. For one, I never pay full admission at the Met or AMNH. But this list is fabulous and had a number of gems I didn't know about on it! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your trip sounds fantastic--jam-packed with all the things I'd love to do. But I think you should re-consider Shakespeare in the Park. You pack some blankets and a picnic basket, get on line, and wait. You can read, nap, chat with others, and the time flies by. At 1 p.m., you have FREE tickets to a Broadway-quality show. It couldn't be easier or more fun. Trust me--I've done this many times. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm just catching up with your blog and hoping things are going well. I didn't realize you had quite so much going on.