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Poetry Friday: The Cat and the Fiddle

The Cat and the Fiddle: A Treasury of Nursery Rhymes
by Jackie Morris

Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, 2011

The Cat and the Fiddle: A Treasury of Nursery RhymesNursery rhyme collections are so common that it takes true artistic interpretation to set one apart. This title has that down with gorgeous watercolors and inventive illustrations that raise the simple rhymes to new levels. A two page spread joins “Lavender’s Blue” and “Lilies are White” with representations of the colors and flowers, but also of fairy queens riding atop an adorned white bear, curiously small against the lilies, as a small boy watches the procession in wonder. Delicate and detailed illustrations take the reader into a medival and magical world where weasels may take over the kitchen and the black hen gives her languid lady a ride. The animals particularly are so beautifully rendered that bird’s feathers seem iridescent and sheep’s eyes sparkle with life. Every page is a visual delight, with gentle and cool colors of bedtime and mystical places. The collection covers many of the standards with a few less known selections, but the reason to visit this title is to slip into the enchanting world. For Poetry Friday, hosted today On the Way to Somewhere, here's a little rhyme:

Baby’s Bed’s a Silver Moon

Baby’s bed’s a silver moon
Sailing o’er the sky,
Sailing o’er the sea of sleep,
While the stars go by.

Sail, baby, sail.
Far across the sea.
And don’t forget to come
Back home again to me.

Baby’s fishing for a dream,
Fishing near and far,
Her line a silver moonbeam is,
Her bait a silver star.

Sail, baby, sail,
Far across the sea.
But don’t forget to come
Back home again to me.

While I won't be sailing, I am heading out to New York for a week. While my thirteen year old attends her Broadway program, Teen and I will be exploring the city yet again. I'm hoping to get some posts up during my time away, but in case I don't, know that I'll come back home again soon.

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Mary Lee said...

Thanks for spotlighting a nursery rhyme collection that sounds like it must be a visual treat. Will have to check it out.

Have a great time in NYC.

rena traxel said...

Sounds like a delightful read. I always read before I go to bed and find that is helps me to sail away into pleasant dreams.

Lark @ The Bookwyrm's Hoard said...

My mother used to sing the "Baby's bed" song to me, although it was "Baby's boat" in her version. This sounds like a beautiful collection -- thank you for bringing it to my attention!