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Choosing a President: Babymouse or Bad Kitty

Here on the verge of selecting between "Bronco Bama" and Mitt Romney, it seems appropriate in the KidLit world to note other contests are taking place with more two-dimensional characters. (Yes, even more two-dimensional than Romney. BAM!)

Babymouse for President
by Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm

Random House 2012, reviewed from library copy

Babymouse for PresidentFueled by her elaborate fantasies, Babymouse decides to run for student council president. She is up against some tough competitors, including her nemesis Felicia Furrypaws and her own locker. As she gets caught up in the campaign and winning, she forgets her purpose. (Like no presidential candidate does that.) But in the end, she comes back to the truth even if she doesn't win. (Come on, it's Babymouse.) Another fun addition to the series with some greater truths, clever asides, and humorous illustrations. Some jokes may only be picked up by adults, like the series of posters similar to candidates of the past. Love the Obama-inspired poster, Typical.

Bad Kitty for President
by Nick Bruel

Square Fish 2012, reviewed from library copy

Bad Kitty for PresidentWith the former president of the Neighborhood Cat Club stepping down, Bad Kitty has an opportunity to take charge. But it's no simple process, starting with primaries of the left and right sides of the street and ending with the election decided by an absentee ballot. A nicely humorous story that hits on a lot of election aspects like endorsements, caucuses, delegates and negative ads often explained in inserts and in a glossary. It's a lot of information, but the funny side of the character and cartoons shines through. Some important lessons like not blowing the debate or not being someone else in ads feel very current somehow.

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There's also "The Kid who Ran For President by Dan Gutman. Good boy read!