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Poetry Friday: "Daylight"

Here's another entry in the series of songs as poetry, "Daylight" by Matt & Kim. I took some liberties here cutting out the repeating lines, but I think it works. For the real stuff, visit our Poetry Friday host, Sheri Doyle.
We cut the legs off of our pants
Threw our shoes into the ocean
Sit back and wave through the daylight
Slip and slide on subway grates
These shoes are poor mans ice skates
Fall through like change in the daylight
I miss yellow lines in my roads
Some color on monochrome
Maybe I'll paint them in myself
These sidewalks liquid then stone
Building walls and an old pay phone
It rings like all through the daylight


Anonymous said...

How fun. Thank you for sharinig.

Ruth said...

They are having way too much fun in that video! :-)