105 Ways to Give a Book

Thursday Three: Pet Board Books

Up CatUp Cat
by Hazel Hutchins, art by Fanny

Annick Press 2012
Here's a cute book for cat fans framing "up" in cat terms like, "Leap up." and "Up to no good." Featuring charming illustrations of one busy kitty, all your favorite feline traits are here: climbing in too-small boxes, licking front paws, and puffing up all fluffy. With colorful pages and a storyline of a day in the life of a kitty, it's one sweet board book.

Hamsters Holding HandsHamsters Holding Hands
by Kass Reich

Ocra Books 2012
The title alone has an awwww factor. In this counting book, hamsters frolic through a somewhat random collection of number concepts that seem to have little relation to each other than the rhymes. "Three hamsters with a pear. Four hamsters in the air." But it works, as the randomness gives it an appealing silliness. The cartoon hamsters are darling in all their activities.

My BunnyMy Bunny
illustrated by Jessie Ford

Abrams Appleseed 2012
With a clever concept, this is not just a board book, but also an introduction to puzzles. Each page features a statement about a bunny and the illustration has a puzzle piece that can be removed and placed back on the page. Taking out the four pieces and putting them together reveals the cover image. A fun idea for little readers, as long as those puzzle pieces get safely back in the book.

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