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We've been looking at colleges. That statement both explains my haphazard and lackluster posting here, along with my somewhat fragile emotional state.

In the beginning I was the calm one as my teenager worried about narrowing down her selections. I knew - I knew - we were looking at the same couple of schools as every other good student in Virginia, with a reach school of Columbia. Then the mail starting coming.

So much mail. From schools I had never heard of and also schools that I was surprised needed to send mail. Then I started looking at the books of 371 of the best schools, knowing that such a specific number meant something special. I offered to help teen sort through her emails, because she had hundreds and couldn't deal anymore. It was exhausting to see so many choices, and started to open my eyes to new possibilities.

Add along to that information from other parents about schools that offered good scholarships. And stories from parents about deserving kids who didn't get into this school or that, and I was looking at more safety schools.

So we've been to University of Virginia and The College of William and Mary. We have a trip planned for University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University. I'm now adding some Pennsylvania schools, Lafayette College and University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University for the Philadelphia thing. Maybe it will compare nicely to New York. Oh, and I'm looking for within a five hour radius from home both because it's important to me and because we have to narrow this down somehow!

As for the fragile emotional state... well, I have to head to work now so it's probably for the best I don't get into it. I am finding myself surprised to have a high school junior - to really understand that she's leaving us next year. I am supremely proud of her and know she is ready to leave the nest, but I'm not as ready.

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Anonymous said...

"I am supremely proud of her and know she is ready to leave the nest, but I'm not as ready." That really sums it up. It's a hard experience for both parents and teens, and I don't think people tend to talk about it much. Wishing both of you the best. (And as a former UVA grad, sending out good Cavalier vibes.)

Ms. Yingling said...

Deep breaths. It will be okay. Surly Teen Boy is a junior and was gone all year. I enjoyed having his room clean. He comes back on Tuesday, and we'll have to start the college stuff. My daughter is at Kent; it was either that, University of Cincinnati, or Ohio State. You're looking at some higher stakes schools; my children were frequently reminded about grandparents who only graduated from 8th grade, and chided that they were lucky to go to high school. If STB is a National Merit Finalist (and he probably will be), this might make matters scarier, but it's probably the University of Toledo (Ohio!) for him. I am right there with you!

Alex said...

This too shall pass but in the meantime, just try to stay calm, focus on schools that offer programs your daughter is interested in, keeps lots of money on hand for application fees, throw away most of those brochures you are received (College Board sold your name) and before you know it, she will be graduating from college and you will be wondering where did the time go.

But in all seriousness, congrats to your daughter.

CindyD said...

Mother Reader and Ms. Yingling - if you are interested in good merit scholarships look at Ohio Wesleyan. Our daughter was awarded a Presidential Scholarship in December of her senior year - took a lot of the pressure off! She was very happy there.