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Festivus: The Airing of the Grievances

Yes, it’s Festivus, the holiday for the rest-of-us, and now is the time for the airing of the grievances. You have free space in the comments for whatever is getting in your craw. I’ll start:
The director who didn't give my daughter the part she totally should have had. Still mad.

My mom - who doesn't read this blog - calling with problems that I can do nothing about from two hundred miles away. Misplaced keys? Can't program the phone? Lost the cat leash? Maybe try calling a local friend, neighbor, or my brother who lives in the same city.

Aging, like in general. My friends and I are dealing with multitudes of issues with elderly parents. And frankly, I'm not too happy with not being able to get myself off the floor without groaning. Aging sort of sucks.

Myself, for leaving so much to the last minute and generally being adverse to getting the work done.
So how about you? None of your people are likely to see your grievances all the way over at my blog, so go nuts. Talk about your boss, your neighbor, your drama queen of a friend. Tomorrow we can get back into the spirit of the season, but now it’s venting time.
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Ms. Yingling said...

I'm definitely with you on the aging process, and if my parents complain about the food in their palatial retirement facility one more time, I may suggest they eat cat food. I do wish the girls would do dishes, especially when they make full meals at 9pm, and I could do without the shrieking at that hour as well. In general, though, I'm trying to let more go. But thanks for the platform!

Jennifer said...

My mom said she was sending me books for my birthday. I assumed she picked something off my wishlist and was excited. They arrived and were:
A book on a Christian view of classical literature
A book on Christianity
A book on Christian marriage
Everyone at work had a good laugh about that last one and I know she just wants me to be happy and this is what's important to her, but part of me is still furious and hurt that she can't let this go and either doesn't listen to anything I say or doesn't take me seriously.

tanita✿davis said...

Pam, always fun to do these... Well, fun is maybe not the right word...

Behold, The Grievances of 2014
My sister's new kidney, which is CRAP and failing after less than a year post-transplant - though we appreciate the sacrifice of the donor and the doctors - it's so disappointing to be 18 and spending Christmas in the hospital... although, she's using it for a movie/chocolate marathon...

The Police, and feeling unsafe when being approached by them,

The government, and the president who ...yeah. Is very moderate when maybe that's not what's going to work,

Friends, and misunderstandings regarding race and politics this year: "But, how do you know all of that?" has this year been the too-often-repeated refrain I get from friends when I try and sanely and gently and rationally point out things which are based in privilege and historical privilege. "Wow, how do you even think of that?" It's not that hard to try and look outside of your own worldview, is it? I mean, I know it's not a reflex for a lot of us - because privilege is what you don't have to think about, but most of us are trying to make a deliberate attempt especially these days, aren't we? Or is all this crap just happening and we're all going to shake our heads and go on as before? It feels weird to be pointed out as "the one" who thinks about "that kind of stuff." Do I have to be the lone voice among my friends? It feels like I'm standing under the heading of "Overly Earnest & PC," which isn't what I was going for this year.

"A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still" = me and my sister's endless conversations about the Illuminati... who even cares, if it exists? Okay, maybe aliens are in charge, too. That doesn't get my bills paid. I love my conspiracy-theorist sister, but it gets very tiring trying to find conversational topics which don't touch on the myriad ways she's been "shown" or "senses" or sees evil in the world, God talking to her/showing her things. I feel mean talking about this one, which is why I am putting it here. I love her, but I think conspiracy theorists are borderline for mental illnesses based in narcissism... the world is NOT about you. I swear it. And, additionally, the Tesla car company is not doing space probes to control the weather. I swear, I'm getting her a tinfoil helmet next year. How can we have been so close growing up, and so far apart on ...everything now?

Myself, because hello, procrastination and almost missing this last deadline! Must. Do. Better.

Thanks, Pam. Happy Festivus.

Gail Gauthier said...

I can't believe I made it over here in time.

We have horrendous, horrendous Christmas karma. We have family members dying at Christmas regularly. One grandmother died a couple days before Christmas, another the day after. We've had death watches for two relatives through Christmas. We've had illnesses in December. Last year I had a cancer scare in mid-December that wasn't resolved until the end of January. (No cancer.) This year my sister-in-law had a double mastectomy on Dec. 15th (prognosis is supposed to be extremely good) and one of my aunts is now so close to the door that her doctors are talking about making her comfortable.

I don't find Christmas depressing. I'm not sad at this time of year. I am terrified.

I love January, though. Right now I have everything wrapped, the house cleaned, the bedrooms ready, and it's almost like January is here.

MotherReader said...

I love you guys, and having the freedom to complain and listen to complaining from friends is kind of a gift. It's like a Festivus miracle. ;)

Sarah Stevenson said...

Oh, you guys. I love you all.

I know I'm late on this but I still couldn't miss it! I so much appreciate the chance to complain about people in a place where they'll never read it.

Wholehearted agreement on the aging thing. I feel like 40 is coming my way so fast it's going to smack me in the face in a couple of years here.

Somewhat related to that, may I just complain about how much easier and more fun it is to gain weight than lose it.

I also really need to complain about Miss Too-Perfect Sister-in-Law the Fitness Instructor and Hipster Punk Band Singer and her recently adopted and extremely annoying vegan-ness (and accompanying whiff of superior attitude). Thanks for making every family pot luck all about you! (And REAL thanks to all of my lovely vegetarian and vegan friends who DON'T do that!)

Last of all, a hearty BOO on all of the overwork this past year, and the resulting stress and mental health issues.

CindyD said...

Stumbling on this late but glad of a place to vent.
I love my husband but he does not have to tell every story he's ever told just because we have a new family member visiting. I hate to see his feelings hurt but he just doesn't get it sometimes anymore (he's 71). I felt so caught in the middle and can't talk about it to anyone here because I don't want it to get back to him.