105 Ways to Give a Book

100 Things About Me

  1. I read almost compulsively.
  2. Some people think I’m funny.
  3. I am a packrat.
  4. I usually know where to find things.
  5. I don’t like having my picture taken.
  6. People’s stories intrigue me.
  7. I could probably sing professionally.
  8. I am a dedicated mother.
  9. I love to help people.
  10. I can be a good liar.
  11. I crave sweets.
  12. My current weight bothers me.
  13. I still don’t exercise enough.
  14. I’ll never, never understand how a computer works.
  15. I love cats.
  16. I don’t like dogs.
  17. But I’ve been known to make exceptions.
  18. I don’t drive in D.C. because it scares me.
  19. I hum in public places.
  20. And sometimes sing out loud.
  21. Without my glasses, I’m helpless.
  22. I would drive an hour to spend time with a friend.
  23. I hate indoor pools.
  24. I love indoor roller rinks.
  25. I cry too easily.
  26. I don’t get the point of frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  27. Or frozen garlic bread.
  28. I’m not sure who my best friend is.
  29. My family is my first priority.
  30. I have ten watches.
  31. But I am never on time.
  32. I talk on my cell phone while I’m driving.
  33. A lot.
  34. I don’t really read the newspaper.
  35. I am trying to do Sudoku, but I’m not very good.
  36. My kitchen has to be clean.
  37. But nothing else is.
  38. I love shopping.
  39. I really love a bargain.
  40. I will never own a bread machine.
  41. Or a quesadilla maker.
  42. I can’t decide whether to go to grad school.
  43. Or whether to get laser surgery on my eyes.
  44. Or what dentist to go to.
  45. Basically, I can’t make decisions.
  46. I’d like to live by the ocean.
  47. Summer is my favorite season.
  48. I get a great deal of my news from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
  49. I can rollerblade fairly well.
  50. I would like to write a book.
  51. I have a terrible sense of direction.
  52. I hold up my hands to tell my left from right.
  53. I don’t use the ATM.
  54. I think I’m allergic to melons.
  55. I love New York City, but I can’t imagine living there.
  56. I can’t follow football.
  57. I’ve seen 90 of the 100 top-grossing movies.
  58. I often drive with no music whatsoever just to enjoy the silence.
  59. I can identify four different kinds of cows.
  60. Centipedes freak me out.
  61. I usually have a crush on someone.
  62. Which my husband knows.
  63. But not always.
  64. Considering I work in a library, I buy a lot of books.
  65. Most of them are used.
  66. In college, I was a psychology major.
  67. I used my major after college for one year.
  68. Unless you include counseling my crazy family.
  69. I yell at my kids too much.
  70. When I let it out, I have a funky sense of style.
  71. I am not very patient.
  72. Except at work.
  73. Stupid people drive me crazy.
  74. I have been to Europe and Canada, but not Mexico.
  75. I am a natural flirt.
  76. British accents melt me like butter.
  77. When people spell words out, I can’t follow it.
  78. I am not a morning person.
  79. If I don’t shower by noon, I won’t shower.
  80. I’ve lost the ability to truly sleep it off.
  81. Which makes for occasional tough weekends.
  82. I’ve had my heart broken.
  83. Sunrises make me sad.
  84. I still love stuffed animals.
  85. When salt spills, I throw it over my left shoulder.
  86. I wish I appreciated poetry more than I do.
  87. I have written seven poems.
  88. And two haiku.
  89. I can’t always work the DVD player.
  90. For years I drove, and loved, a VW Karmann Ghia.
  91. I wrecked it in the only car accident I ever had.
  92. In 20 years of driving, I’ve gotten one speeding ticket.
  93. Which is amazing luck.
  94. I love arts and crafts.
  95. I tend to repeat myself.
  96. I tend to repeat myself.
  97. When my alarm goes off, I snooze for nine minutes.
  98. I don’t always feel like a grown-up.
  99. I don’t share the good chocolate with anyone.
  100. I still make wishes when I blow out the candles.


Judy said...

Loved your list...especially #52, about putting your hands up to tell left from right. I laughted out loud on that one. I do that all the time, and constantly get teased because of it...I can tell the difference because I once stuck a pencil into the palm of my right hand, and still have the little black dot.

I always tell people I was TRAINED to mix up my directions...when I was in college majoring in PE, we were taught to stand in front of a class, tell them to stick out their right hand, and at the same time, we were to stick out our left, so they would see which direction was 'right' to them. Does that sound like a good excuse?

Anonymous said...

I love this! As I read it, I imagined myself creating a similar list about myself chuckled at how I would approach the same thing. Did you have a few good laughs as you read it?

Did it start as a list of 10 things and you kept going? (I ask that because I do things like that all the time.)For me, it would surely become an obsession until I finished it. I once read this somewhere
" Obsessiveness is determination turned inside out" ..... LOL

I have been working on the top 10 things I have learned as a parent on my site. It is always so interesting to see the views of others.

-Best to you

MotherReader said...

Actually, I did laugh myself as I did it. Esp at the "I tend to repeat myself" part.

I knew I wanted to do 100 things list and it was a great exercise in bringing out what defines you, makes you really you.

Anonymous said...

I loved this list especially #77 - how when people spell things out you can't follow it. I NEVER can either. I have to see it...or ask them again and again (and again) feeling like an idiot. I repeat myself too and yell at my kids and hoard chocolate too. Thanks for liking "Louisiana's Song."

All best
Kerry Madden

I should make a list...it's a great idea.

Rebekah Ruth said...

I don't think anyone is immune to British accents.

Jan in Edmonds said...

I'd love to participate. Have a couple questions though:

1. You say "tell your readers"... Does this mean you're talking to teachers? to challenge hosts? to me as blogger? Not sure what this mean.

2. Must I "read" or does "listening on CT, CD, etc. count?

3. Not sure about donating a gift. I make greeting cards -- would anyone want such a gift. Am not sure I'm eligible to donate...

That's 3 questions

Love your 100 list. I once did a list of 300 things I wanted to do before I die. Have done much of what's on the lsit yet have a bunch more to accomplish.

Thanks, Becky.

Peaceful Reader said...

i get most of my news from John Stewart or Colbert as well...made me laugh loudly...at that. thanks.

Jenners said...

Is it weird to post a comment several years after something was posted? Perhaps you will see this; perhaps you won't. LOVE this list! Love that you have book recommendations for different age groups. Love that many many items on your list would be on mine (I pretend I am writing so I know which way is left).

Barb said...

Half the time I don't feel like a grownup either. I like that you admitted that so I could remember it and chuckle.