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Odds and Ends

Today just some snippets and follow-ups for those who care.

Yesterday’s Kids’ Post profiled Blue Balliet and her new book The Wright 3 (article sidebars available here and here). Also, when you go to the Amazon reviews of this book you will see the lengthy review of my new best friend and new favorite reviewer. She’s not crazy about the book.

I welcome FuseNumber8 over to the dark side as she takes the bunny down in the continuing debate over The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. I am hoping that my quote, “one doesn’t put a bunny on a cross without trying to convey something,” enters into every discussion of this book from this point forward.

Over to the (hold my hands up to form the letter L) left side of my blog, is Rick Mercer’s blog, just because I think it is funny how he takes a politician (generally Canadian) and uses Photoshop to do something funny with the picture. Well, this week it is George Bush’s turn, and I am especially enjoying the photos.

Also on your left, I have added a couple of “Just ’Cause” links. I direct your attention today to the Tohobohu Productions link. I will be a producer for the upcoming 48-Hour Film Project. Wish me luck.


fusenumber8 said...

I pondered the wisdom of making the equivalent of a children's literature enemies list but more of the Never Force a Child To Read This Author variety. Blue Balliett, Kate DiCamillo, Joan Bauer, and Polly Horvath are the gals I tend to avoid. Very odd that there aren't any guys I dislike as heartily. I'd make a recommended authors list as well, mind you, but I like so very many of them that there wouldn't be space for them here. Thanks for the shout-out, by the way!

MotherReader said...

I agree with you on all of those authors. I keep trying Joan, but always find myself annoyed by how wise beyond their years the kids are - as you mentioned in your post today. And Polly has failed to win me over, though I like the title Everything on a Waffle. Now that would be a good band name.