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Edge Of The Forest: Still With MotherReader!

What better place for me to plug my enduring love of Junie B. Jones than the new issue of The Edge of the Forest? And, if my feature article isn’t enough for you, there are reviews, interviews, and Charleston Chews. But just before you go, let me say...

Junie B., First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha!Yeah! Yeah! There’s a new Junie B. Jones book. And it’s super funny! The first grader heads off to Hawaii with her parents in Junie B., First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha!. The book chronicles her hard-to-contain excitement in class, her plane ride with the two grouchy ladies, and her visit to paradise with a deflated swim ring around her waist.

Here’s the totally topical Junie B. version of the airport:
We started waiting in a million jillion lines.

First, we waited in the “getting our car into the parking lot” line. Then we waited in the shuttle-bus line, and the “give the man your suitcase” line, and the “get your boarding passes here” line.

After that, there was just one more line to go. It is called the “now we’re going to look through all of your stuff with our X-ray vision” line.

That line is exactly like the lines at Disneyland, except for it’s longer. Plus there’s no actual ride at the end.
Now, doesn’t that capture the experience pretty accurately? Not convinced of the joy that is Junie B.? Pop by my article in The Edge of the Forest and see if I can’t change your mind.

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Anonymous said...

I loved your article at The Edge of the Forest. I actually just gave one of the Junie B. Jones books as a gift, and the child's mother wrinkled her nose and said, with clear disapproval, "Aren't these the books that use bad grammar and spelling?" Not being all that familiar with the books, I was taken off guard, and couldn't offer a defense. I'm sure that this was one gift that was returned, or quietly put away somewhere. But reading your article will help me for next time. Thanks!