105 Ways to Give a Book

I Am Magic (And So Can You!)*

I am magic. I can make books disappear.

My magic isn’t always strong. It ebbs and flows with the seasons and even the days of the week. My magic isn’t all-powerful. There are books that continually resist my charms. My magic isn’t reliable. It sometimes works or fails when I least expect it.

But I am magic, and I am not alone.

My skills can be taught, and I am breaking the great vow of the magician to share my secret. It’s astonishingly simple, yet I can make books disappear from shelves and reappear in the hands of readers...

The rest of the article is over at ForeWord, where I’m guest blogging this month. It has useful information for librarians, booksellers, authors, publishers, and reviewers. Yes indeedy.

* Did you get the Colbert reference?
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Jen Robinson said...

I read this over at ForeWord this morning. It's a great article, Pam! To me, this seems like very useful input for authors and publishers, to help them to create books that will get kids reading. And of course it's practical advice for librarians and teachers, too. Have a great week!

Sara said...

That was great, Pam! It made me smile, thinking of you working those shelves like a magician hawking potions and powders. One thing I really loved as a kid were those small stickers on the book spines that identified a book as science fiction. I was crazy for good SF, and it was hard to find when not shelved together. I think the libraries still use those, but I wonder if they've been updated or added to. Any thoughts?

Kelly said...

Headed over to read. (And of course I caught Colbert reference!)

Jennifer Schultz said...

That's a lovely essay! I enjoyed reading it during this last half hour of my workday.

Anonymous said...

I *did* get the Colbert reference, that's why I read this post! Sorry I haven't been reading/commenting.
"I am America..." was hilarious. Basically, the show in book form.