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Poetry Friday: Doonesbury

I’m all discombobulated today. I blame the date. Leap Day. You just know adding an extra day to February is going to muck something up. All week, though, I’ve been looking forward to putting something different out for Poetry Friday. It’s a “Doonesbury” cartoon.

Then you can go over to the Slate website and see how the week of strips progresses. (“‘The Prose of Hillary Clinton.’ I don’t want to talk about it.” Ha. Ha.)

The Poetry Friday round-up is over at Kelly Fineman’s place today.

An article, “Finding Political Strength in the Power of Words: Oratory Has Helped Drive Obama’s Career — and Critics’ Questions” is over at The Washington Post. Does anyone else find it strange that Obama is being attacked for being too good as a speaker? I find it interesting as an Obama fan, certainly, but I also find it intriguing as a lover of words. How is it unfair in campaigning that he can string words together in a powerful way? The article doesn’t answer that question exactly, but it does break down his speeches, also mentioning that a big section in the middle of each speech is about policy plans, contrary to public perception.

Leap Day also brings us February’s Carnival of Children’s Literature, over at Anastasia Suen’s place.

Edited to add: Leap Day ends February and thus my guest blogging spot over at ForeWord. I've ended with one simple way to raise readers in your family. Go take a look at I Am a Mother Reader for my favorite kid story ever.


Anonymous said...

"That is the bodacity of hope." Love it. Thanks, MR!

jama said...

I do wonder why Obama's oratorical eloquence should cause such suspicion. Great leaders need to be able to communicate with the masses. By contrast, we've had just the opposite for the past 8 years - someone who supposedly was "one of the common people." Look where that got us.

Susan Kusel said...

I think Doonesbury's "poetry of Barack Obama" series this past week has been particularly funny. Thanks for posting this strip (and for giving me a great idea for future Poetry Fridays).

Mary Lee said...

GREAT column at ForeWord. GREAT kid story and GREAT message. Requesting permission to reprint it word for word on my school website for my parents to read.