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Announcement: Big Universe

I’ve had a secret. No, I’m not pregnant. I’ve been sharing my blog posts at another site. I may be working more with this site in the future, but now they run some news, reviews, and interviews from MotherReader. They haven’t been ready for prime time, but they are now so I’m sharing parts of the press release. Check it out.

Big Universe, Inc., formally launched BigUniverse.com, a unique website where kids, parents, teachers, librarians and authors can read, create and buy quality children’s picture books.

Big Universe is the first company of its kind to offer the many popular features it combines in its one website: a powerful and fun book-creation tool for aspiring authors, hundreds of children’s books readable for free on the website, a virtual mall of online children’s bookshops, blogs by professional authors and many other features designed to maximize interest in children’s reading and creativity.

“We are very excited about our launch,” says Anil Hemrajani, president and founder of Big Universe. “We have successfully created an online community where people can read, buy, sell and learn about beautiful children’s picture books — and even create them — all on one site.”

BigUniverse.com is unique because it addresses several issues related to the children’s book industry. For publishers, Big Universe maximizes the best features of web promotion to provide publishers a cost-free way to showcase their books and sell them to consumers while also building brand awareness for their companies. For parents, teachers and librarians, it offers a convenient way to browse for and buy books online. For aspiring authors, it is an easy and quick way to experiment with writing children’s books. For kids, it combines fun and education in a high-quality reading experience with an innovative tool to explore writing and creating books of their own at home or school.


With traffic building rapidly, BigUniverse.com is already logging thousands of site visitors each week. Its goal is to quickly become a very high traffic website, hosting over a million unique visitors each month. Hemrajani, a highly regarded IT entrepreneur and author with a global following, brings together 20 years of experience building complex software applications for Fortune 1000 corporations and successful, robust online communities.

Hemrajani says, “BigUniverse.com is the culmination of a longtime dream of combining my professional background and my love of children’s books in creating the place to go to maximize the enjoyment of reading and everything that grows from it. We want to leverage the power of the Internet to increase the love of reading and writing children’s books. I hope people will love BigUniverse.com, and will realize this is just the beginning of what’s to come!”


tanita✿davis said...

First: I must know - Is that your REAL license plate? Did you get it before or after your blog?

Second: HOW COOL ARE YOU!??!?! It's a really unique and neat website! I hope it's a great partnership for you and give you a bigger platform to talk about your love of books with people.


Kelly said...

Yeah, MR!! Way to go!

MotherReader said...

TM, yes that is my real license plate. I got it after my blog and I LOVE it!

Thanks Kelly and TM for the cheers. I hope it gets my blog more exposure and maybe some writer-type work for me, but for now it's so easy to send them a couple of posts.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Congrats! And I agree, your license plate is way too cool.

Jen Robinson said...

That is excellent, MR! It is great to see you getting some more exposure for your work. Like TadMack said, I hope that it gives you a bigger platform, and lead to other great things for you.

Megan Germano said...

Way to go, and I just had to blog about it. Big Universe is pretty cool!

ElsKushner said...

What everyone else said! I love your blog posts and think you should be FAMOUS. Seriously.

Andromeda Jazmon said...

Wow that is fantabulous! I am so proud of you. And I can't wait to really dig around BigUniverse. It looks way cool!

Liz B said...

first: Congratulations! Awesome.

second: I couldn't find the RSS feed for the new digs. Is there one? Inquiring minds want to read!

MotherReader said...

Thanks for all the support and kudos, gang. You won't need an RSS feed, Liz, because it's the same posts as here. I make a few tweaks for their site, but I don't have to write anything new for them- not yet.

Maybe later on there will be some other opportunities to do some other writing and such. For now, I get to be in two places at once. Pretty cool.