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Message for Yahoo

Hello, Yahoo.

I’m a big fan of yours. I use your email, your groups, and your weather page. I use your search engine even as the term “Googled” has become universally accepted. But I’ve stood by you, Yahoo. Hey, I’ve mentioned how much amusement your headlines bring to my day. I mean, “Chocolate Jesus Show Canceled”? That still makes me chuckle. But now I’ve got something I’ve got to say to you:


Like you have to put the winner in the headline. Twice. Or an obvious picture with a sly caption. Twice. I get it. You know the results first. Well, some people have to wait to see the performances and some people don’t like having the results all over the place before some people have had a chance to watch it. Oh, and by some people I mean ME!


You know what? Here’s one for you. In Charlotte’s Web, Charlotte dies. Hah! Take that!


Bill said...

Hmm... maybe I shouldn't wear my favorite T-shirt around the house...

Anonymous said...

Here here!

I was spoiled yesterday by Yahoo and CNN.com

Thus, today I am purposefully avoiding CNN (hard for a news junkie like me) and not looking at the headlines when I check my Yahoo mail. It's irritating!


Kelly said...

Aww, sorry, MR! But can I just say that Shawn Johnson (Iowan!) and Nastia Lukin (semi-Russian, like my kids) rock big time.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd, Charlotte dies? Thanks a lot. (Just kidding.)

I totally know what you mean. I always have to avoid tvguide.com in the morning after missing an episode of LOST, Grey's, or Heros, because they always ruin it for me.