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Daylight Saving Time (And Other Lies)

I don’t have a problem with daylight saving time in general. Certainly not like my husband, who talks about “that time when we as a society collectively lie about what time it is.” For me, of all of the things that we collectively lie about as a society — continual growth of the stock market being top of mind — whether or not I can grab the morning newspaper in light or darkness is fairly minor.

That said, on Sunday, I was hating the idea of changing the clocks. It figures that the day we lose an hour is the day where the temperature is in the seventies and we’re spending time with my adorable niece. Except we spent one less hour with her than we would have otherwise thanks to daylight saving time. Why couldn’t we lose an hour last weekend when it was frigid, and I was fighting a stomach bug? I could have shaved sixty minutes from that Sunday.

My daughter, with the 6:30 a.m. bus, is dreading tomorrow. We talked about how wonderful it is to have more sunlight in the evening when we have free time, how exciting it is to know that Spring is on its way, and how much these next mornings are going to totally suck.

Well, I’m not going to lie to her.
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tanita✿davis said...

What sucks further is that the UK is still on the old Daylight Savings schedule -- and so we don't change til March 29. Which screws up any phone calls to the U.S., and makes me cranky TWICE.

Sherrie Petersen said...

I HATE DST. It's such a waste of time...

Gail Gauthier said...

A few years ago I heard someone on the radio talking about how Daylight Savings Time is a throwback to the days when we were an agrarian nation. It gave farmers more time to work in the fields. Then the guy said something like, "It's the twenty-first century now. They can't put lights on their tractors?"