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With more than a hundred and fifty book blogger interviews noted so far at the Book Blogger Appreciation Week site, it’s no wonder that my blog reader is filling up so quickly! I’m seeing a bunch of bloggers from the kidlitosphere taking in part in this interview trade, which is wonderful. I’m getting a chance to find out about blogs that I didn’t know before, and I’m sure we’re introducing some KidLit and YA bloggers to other folks. What a great opportunity!

I had signed up for an interview partner, but wasn’t paying attention enough to realize that I hadn’t been assigned one. My bad. By the time I noticed that the interview thing was moving on, I was afraid to be that last idiot person in the meeting who comes late and doesn’t have their agenda and forces everyone to dig through their papers to figure out if they got two copies of the agenda instead of one or could someone share the agenda or it’s okay someone will make another copy but nevermind I’ll do without, but what are we talking about now because you see, I don’t have the agenda.

I suffer that person too much in my life to be that person.

So I’ll take a page from the book of Everything Distils into Reading and interview myself:
What’s one thing that you’d like other book bloggers to know about the kidlitosphere community?

Well, KidLitosphere Central for sure, which offers an access point to the blogs, resources, news, and events in the area of children and Young Adult Literature. I’d also let them know about KidLitCon, taking place on October 17th in the Washington, DC, area, which is open to people who write, illustrate, and/or blog in the area of children’s and Young Adult Literature. Oh, and about the upcoming Cybils nominations, which are awards to given to books and judged by bloggers — again — in the area of children’s and Young Adult Literature.

Um, that was three things.

Yeah, but since I’m writing the questions I thought that it would be okay.

That’s really taking advantage of the interview structure. No wonder no one wanted you as a partner.

That’s not what happened! There were a lot of people who wanted to participate and it’s perfectly understandable that some would have been lost in the shuffle.

Okay, if that’s what you want to think...

This interview is so over!
Maybe the wrong approach. Instead, enjoy the real interviews of and presented by our KidLit/YA bloggers at a number of sites including:
Be sure to let me know in the comments if there are more KidLit or YA blogger pairs I should have noted.


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Pam, I love your sense of humor. :-) And the interview was priceless.

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Thanks for rounding up the interview links!

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