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Booklights, ForeWord, KidLitCon Meme, and BBAW Awards

If you’re a parent, you know of The Reading Game and have probably been forced to play along. Unsure? Maybe this will ring a bell: “Well, we can’t tear little Jacob away from the Harry Potter books. He’s sooooo advanced. What is your child reading?” Ah, yes — parental competition as practiced through one’s children. At Booklights, I talk about the only way to win The Reading Game, along with ways to help your child and your child’s teacher this school year. Head over and add your opinion. (And no, winning does not involve my trademark response of, “Oh, my girls are really into Balzac right now.”)

My special articles at ForeWord are done, but my relationship with this wonderful review site continues as part of their blog network. I believe they are still tweaking the format, but they’ll be pulling some blog posts over with a blog aggregrator, and MotherReader will be among them. That is, until they realize how I really write.

KidLitCon 2009 - Washington DCWe’re continuing the last-week push for registrations for the KidLitosphere Conference, but are keeping it fun with a meme for past conference attendees. It has started to make the rounds at Jen Robinson’s Book Page and Finding Wonderland. Posts are on the schedule for Fuse#8, 7-Imp, and Lee Wind. You don’t have to wait to be tagged to participate — in fact, I’d prefer that you not wait. Because while we are sure to have a flurry of posts after the conference that makes people wish they could have gone, what we need now is a flurry of posts about such conferences that makes people decide that they will go. The conference will likely be in the Midwest next year, so East-Coasters especially won’t want to miss this chance. Register now.

There are two more days to vote for the awards for Book Blogger Appreciation Week. In the Kidlit category you are on your own to choose among Jen Robinson Book Blog, Fuse#8, Seven Impossible Things, Maw Books, and Shelf Elf. I won’t direct you there or in the YA Book Blog category.

But I will draw your attention to several kidlitosphere blogs that are showing up through the rest of the categories. Pop over and put in your vote for such blogs as Chasing Ray, I’m Here, I’m Queer, What Do I Read?, 100 Scope Notes, Semicolon, Becky’s Book Reviews, BookDads, The Story Siren, Collecting Children’s Books, Guys Lit Wire, Color Online, and me.

Oh, and the winner of the Hiccupotamus books from the MotherReader tour is Deliah. Hey there Deliah, enjoy your prize!


mrsshukra said...

Thanks so much, the kid will love this book!

Jen Robinson said...

Congratulations on the Foreword thing, Pam. That's very cool!

Hope all of you past conference attendees will do the meme. I've been really enjoying the responses (Betsy's is just up, too).

Colleen said...

I have shocked myself by actually getting the conference meme up in a timely fashion. I hope I push some folks off the fence and into attending!

Color Online said...


As we say in my hood, "I gotcha back, girlfriend." Thanks for having mine. :-)

Too funny about folks realizing how you write. I like what you do. Do whatcha do.

Can't join you for the conference but I'm following along.

Good luck and happy reading.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

My "The Kidlit Conference Is Wonderful and well worth attending" meme is UP!


Thanks, MotherReader, for all you do and ate doing to pull off this amazing event for our community!

Namaste and a Hug!

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

And "are" doing. Honestly, this iPhone mis-corrects my spelling more often than not!

Kelly said...

My girl is 19 months, so we haven't played The Reading Game yet. But she likes to carry adult books in her stroller when we go on walks, so maybe we've gotten the eyeball equivalent of The Reading Game from other parents we pass on our walks. ;-)

Thanks for the link to that post! I'm off to read it now...