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Poetry Friday: eReader

I don’t usually participate in giveaways, but I couldn’t resist this one for two reasons. First, because it’s an eReader. Second, because when I read the prompt about important features for an electronic book reader, the things that popped into my head were... well, they started off standard and then became less so. I couldn’t stop playing with the notion and thinking that it was starting to feel like poetry. And then I was enjoying the distraction of tinkering with the thoughts and the words until I realized that I was — as the guidelines requested — writing a post about what I want in an eReader. It just happens to be a Poetry Friday post.
IREX eReader

I want my eReader
To be a toy for grown-ups
that makes me giddy with joy.
To be simple right from the start
with specialized features that wow me.
To be compact enough to put in my handbag
and large enough to read the screen with ease.
To hold so many books that I will never finish one
while on a long trip, and be lost without another.
To know which passages are important, lovely,
exquisite, and mark them so I can remember.
To keep track of titles that warm my heart,
or change my mind or expand my view.
To refuse books that are badly written
or that are harmful for my soul.
To tell me what to read next
and organize my thoughts.
I want my eReader.
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Susan Taylor Brown said...

I love this! Especially this phrase:

To know which passages are important, lovely,
exquisite, and mark them so I can remember.

I confess, I haven't even looked at an Ereader yet. It still feels disloyal somehow. :)

Terry Doherty said...

Lovely poem Pam ... I love the allusion (or is it illusion) that it is shaped in the form of a Play button. Bravo!