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New York Vacation

I thought that I might continue to update the blog in my free time in New York City, but now I’m seeing that as pretty unlikely. Both the updating and the free time. Yes, though I’ve managed to carve out a few minutes this evening to say that I could TOTALLY LIVE HERE! And by that, I mean in my cousin’s apartment with its wide-open rooms and eight- ten-foot ceilings and intricate wainscoting (I think that’s the right word; I’ll have to look it up).

The tween was happy with her first day at Broadway Artists Alliance, even though it seemed a bit overwhelming as we went in — for both of us. It’s going to be a little tough getting her there because it definitely involves a bus or subway transfer, and I’m not crazy about either. But I’m learning. I took in the American Museum of Natural History with the teen, though I could have benefited more from going in one of the many spas we saw along the way. Seriously, how many spas does one city need?

I may be back during the week, and I may not. But if not, I didn’t want you to worry.


laurasalas said...

Eh, forget the blog and have a fantastic time!

MillyMarie said...

I totally want to live in NYC myself and seriously considered it for a while. I feel like I might be too old now. lol At least maybe I can make it a 2nd home in the summer time? Have a blast!!!

your neighborhood librarian said...

Pam while you're there try to get to the Kinokuniya Bookstore in midtown. So much Japanese pop culture to covet! And it's right by the NYPL main branch, so you can hit both in one outing.

And then get shabu shabu in Koreatown! Can you tell I'm jealous?

have fun!

Peaceful Reader said...

I love NYC also and hope in the near future I can plan a major trip there for my family. Just hanging around Central Park for a day can be a blast! Have fun!!

Jennifer @ 5 Minutes for Books said...

Yeah--free time and NYC just don't go together!

Love love NYC.