105 Ways to Give a Book

Thursday Three: Board Books, Simply Sweet

ABC Baby Me!
by Susan Katz, illustrated by Alicia Padron

ABC Baby Me!Lots of babies get all the loving attention that little ones need, and in alphabetical order no less, from “Adore me” to “Zzzz, I’m fast asleep.” Along with the parents as caregivers, grandparents, siblings, and even pets are incorporated into the diverse families portrayed. The simple sentiments of caring and the lovely, gentle watercolor illustrations make this a wonderful reading choice for new parents. Hey, and perhaps the book can even serve as mini-checklist for those anxious mothers afraid they’ll miss a step: “Adore me. Bathe me. Cuddle me, too.” Done, done and done!

The Little Composter
by Jan Gerardi

The Little ComposterI don’t know that there is interest in the idea of composting at the pre-preschool level, but if so then this book hits the mark. Lift-up flaps show what is left of fruits & veggies — like the cores and peels — and how they can be mixed with leaves, dirt, and worms to make healthy compost for gardens. It’s fun to see an actual new concept presented in a board book, so rare given the well-trodden territory, and the illustrations are engaging with simple patterns in the color blocks. The other book in the Teenie Greenies series of two is Eco People on the Go! It’s also a cute book, but I found myself wondering what made these people particularly Eco for jogging, hiking, and skating. I’d guess the point was to find other ways to get around other than driving, but none of those three are truly alternatives, but rather recreational activities in themselves. Unless maybe eco people do skate to the farmers market to pick up their arugula.

How Do Lions Say I Love You
by Diane Muldrow, illustrated by David Walker

How Do Lions Say I Love YouVarious animals express love to their children in the ways they know best, whether by howls or cuddles. The soft, sweet illustrations complement the simple rhyming couplets. Speaking of couples, some of the tender moments seemed to be shared by mates, but rest assured that is nothing like you may have seem on those wild animal shows. Though it could add a bit of humor by finishing this particular rhyme, “A hen says I love you to her chicks with a cluck / Swans mate for life ’cause...” Yeah, you want to know how it ends now, don’t you? All right, you win. The pages are online at Amazon.

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