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Thursday Three: Penguins

Penquins ABC
by Kevin Schafer

Penquins ABCIf you’re ready for a break from the ABC books with apples, balls and cats, then have I got a treat for you. Real photos of penguins and their habitat fill this educational boardbook, with A for Antarctica, B for Baby, and C for Chinstrap Penguin. Beautiful photos of the world’s most amusing birds make this title more fun for adults than your standard boardbook.

The Emperor’s Egg
by Martin Jenkins, illustrated by Jane Chapman

The Emperor’s EggA story of the world’s best father, the Emperor penguin, who incubates the egg of his mate for two months in the harsh winter of Antarctica. Oh, and can’t leave his duty to eat since he’s holding the egg on his feet. And you thought you had it rough at the mall with only a stroller and a pack of fruit snacks. Amateur time. Anyway, the book is educational, but in such a fun way that no one will ever notice. Kid-friendly text and beautiful illustrations make this book a delight.

Playful Little Penguins
by Tony Mitton, illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees

Playful Little PenguinsCute story about penguins playing on the ice, complete with their sleds, scarfs, and hats. The refrain has a songlike quality: “Playful little penguins in the wintry weather; that’s how penguins like to move, waddling ’round together.” The last part changes as the penguins do different things along the way. The drama comes when they find a baby seal and keep her safe until her mama arrives. An interesting narrative choice given that seals, ahem, eat penguins. But not this time. In case the scarves didn’t clue you in, there’s nothing nonfiction about this penguin title, but it’s a fun book.

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