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Notes from a Drama Mama

What happens on Wednesdays stays on Wednesdays.

This week both of my girls are engaged in the theater. In fact, though one of them is still in sixth grade, she is playing a child in one scene of the play opening tomorrow. The teen doesn’t have a speaking role, which isn’t surprising for a freshman in a huge high school, but is the understudy for the lead.

The lead who was sick yesterday in the middle of the dress rehearsal.

Teen and I were up late last night preparing for the possibility — now much more real — that she will live the famous statement, “the show must go on.” And yet, she also may not. Actors recover, dig deep, and go on anyway. Thus is the anxiety and thankless task of the understudy. I have to say that I’m not even sure what to wish for. I’d love to see her get a chance, just one performance, and at the same time I know how scary that would be for someone who hasn’t had the practice onstage. I’ll let you know what happens.

For me, today I’ll be selling tickets at school, running carpool for actor kids, and later making cookies — hopefully with bite marks in them. Oh, I need to mention that the play is Dracula. Cool, huh? Here’s the teaser trailer that teen made for the morning announcements. It’s had the school abuzz. Enjoy.

UPDATE: OMG! Teen is going on today as the female lead in Dracula! It’s the final dress rehearsal/faculty performance, not a ticketed show. But, damn! Send good thoughts!


tanita✿davis said...

Oh, wow - I wouldn't know for what to wish, either. I think she can do it. Break a leg, Teen Reader!!!! So rooting for you, chick!! Woot!

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

Great job with the trailer. I wish for her the performance with it's accompanying terrors. For when she triumphs, and she will, there is nothing like it.

Kimberly said...

Break a leg, teen! I've been an understudy the past couple of years in the Gilbert & Sullivan operettas I do and it's both terrifying and wonderful to find you might have to go on. (I never have.)

Charlotte said...

Good Luck, Teen Reader!!!! Knock 'em dead.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Can't wait to hear how it all "played" out! I wouldn't know which outcome I'd want ... though I'd probably still look at the glass as half full and ask for a little more.

Carol H Rasco said...

Oh, wow, eager to know the report...so exciting!

Michele said...

If Teen Readers acting talent is as good as creativity on the trailer there is nothing to worry about. This is a person who is destined to walk the boards (which often feels a bit like walks the plank!).
Good luck. And - enjoy!
Can't wait for the follow up.
Oh, and Mother Reader.....don't forget to breathe. (nice idea about the cookies - very cool)