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Mo Willems, Pantless

While I had other things to share today, I couldn’t resist the chance to talk about Mo Willems without pants.

That didn’t come out right, did it?

Mo Willems made a video for the Children’s Choice Book Awards featuring the rockstar kidlit author giving advice to the current host, Jarrett J. Krosoczka, in which he mispronounces his friend’s name — and then goes on to mispronounce the names of other well-known authors in children’s literature. Given that I had to go look up the spelling of Krosoczka’s name while writing this post, I’m in on the funny. Made me laugh. But then Mo goes a step further in the video, and I love him for it. Way to commit to the bit! See the video at Mo Willems Doodles.

As to the idea that the video was not shown at the CBC awards because of a complaint on the pre-release Internet posting (Wow! Someone offended on the Internet? How can it be?), I can only say one thing: Really? I mean, really — really?

Edited to add: Apparently yes, really. Story confirmed. Hello, hypocrisy.


Jaymie said...

I thought the same thing and immediately tweeted the link. I thought it was a hoot and someone, somewhere, should grow a sense of humor. =-)

Melissa said...

I was *dying*. It totally made my morning. (And I'm inclined to think the whole they wouldn't show it thing is part of the joke.)

MotherReader said...

Yeah, I'm hoping for some confirmation that it is or is not a joke about the CBC not showing it. But the way Mo writes it up makes me feel like it is true. Otherwise, I don't think he would have given so much backstory. But I'm not sure.

Funny video either way, and I really was impressed by his full commitment to look silly. Go Mo!

Leila said...

Sheesh! Thanks for the confirmation, though I'd been hoping that it was a joke!

The Pen and Ink Blogspot said...

I love Mo Willems and the video confims it.