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Thursday Three: Cats II

Kittens! Kittens! Kittens!
written by Susan Meyers, illustrated by David Walker

Just. So. Cute. Lots of kittens everywhere doing the things kittens do in a soft lovely art style and sing-song rhymes. "Finding tails to stalk and chase, Washing whiskers, ears, and face. Pouncing, bouncing, mewing kittens, Busy, up-and-doing kittens." There may be a story involved of a family raising the kittens and at least one child getting his new kitten, but honestly, with all the kitteny cuteness, I lost track of a plot. I just wanted to jump into the story and play with those sweet, fluffy kitties. Ah-dorable.

There are Cats in This Book
by Viviane Schwartz

There are Cats in This BookBright, fun, clever and let's repeat fun, this book will surely entertain any toddler or preschooler. Using cutouts, flaps, and oddly shaped pages, the book interacts with the reader in a - can we use fun again? - fun way. The end papers even get in on the act with the first words on bright blue informing the reader that "The cats aren't on this page." They aren't on the next page either, but then move ahead to see purring and a quilt as a large flap. Lift it to find three awakened kitties, surprised and then happy to play with you. The cats address the reader the whole time, asking for pages to be turned, yarn to be tossed, and boxes to be opened. The happy cats are brightly and simply drawn, which lends even more of a surprise to finding the pages with more detail. This is a truly delightful book to share with a child and just plain - yes, I'll say it again - fun.

by Linda Newbery, illustrated by Catherine Rayner

PosyPosy is a most delightful kitten who tangles yarn, swipes crayons, and cuddles mommy. The abstract style may surprise those looking for a standard, sweet watercolor, but offers so much more in the artistic interpretation. The illustrations are amazing with a sense of texture and movement that springs from the page. The slight, rhyming text is geared to the youngest readers and the gentle story of exploration will bring them back again and again. The gorgeous illustrations will have the adults itching to tear a page out and frame it. Restrain yourself.

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Jules at 7-Imp said...

Um, why haven't I seen that first one? I have two cat-obsessed young daughters. Their heads will explode when they see that, and plus I love David's work. Thanks! (See what I get for being tremendously behind on blog-reading?)