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Sixth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge: Winners!

48 Hour Book ChallengeI must repeat that even though the contest is called the 48 Hour Book Challenge, it is hard for me to conceive of people reading for the entire time. Stunning! This year four people read and blogged for the entire forty-eight hours! No breaks that didn’t come with an audiobook soundtrack and no sleep — which is just a little bit crazy, but in a good way. Okay, to be fair, the second two reported a hair less than the 48 hours, but by executive decision, they win too.

The winners of The Sixth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge are:
Great job! Now, more prizes! I have books for participants selected with the Random Integer Generator. Participants had to complete twelve hours of reading/blogging/networking to be eligible for prizes. In the order drawn, the winners are:
Prize winners, please write me at MotherReader AT gmail DOT com with your address and the books you’d most be interested in receiving. If you’d like a personalized copy, please note to whom you’d like it signed; I’ll do my best to accommodate. Books donated by authors are: The Latte Rebellion, by Sarah Jamila Stevenson; Scars, by Cheryl Rainfield; Dragon Speaker: The Last Dragon, by Cheryl Rainfield; Little Chicken’s Big Day, by Katie Davis and Jerry Davis (with bonus onesie!); I Fooled You: Ten Stories of Tricks, Jokes, and Switcheroos, anthology signed by Carmela Martino.

I’m also giving an “Almost Made It” prize to a blogger who worked so hard to read the whole time, and then dozed off in the night. So a signed and personalized copy of When Life Gives You OJ, by Erica Perl (with drawstring backpack and water bottle!) to Over the Moon and Sun!

For the Sixth Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge we had eighty people complete the challenge, with many blogs listing totals of twenty hours or more. Here they are, in order of their finish line sign-in:

48 Hour Book Challenge Twenty Hours Club
  1. MotherReader • 28 hours
  2. Blue Castle • 48 hours
  3. Reading Chick • 24 hours
  4. Libr*Fiti • 21 hours
  5. Over the Moon and Sun • 45 hours
  6. True Book Addict • 25.25 hours
  7. So Many Books • 32.25 hours
  8. Leeswammes • 22.25 hours
  9. Ms. Yingling • 35 hours
  10. Stacked • 30 hours
  11. Chance Encounter • 47.5 hours
  12. Handmade by Mikaiya • 22 hours
  13. Book Nut • 23.5 hours
  14. Joy’s Book Blog • 21 hours
  15. Abby the Librarian • 31 hours
  16. I Write in Books • 20 hours
  17. Just an Obsurvashun • 26.75 hours
  18. Books Like Breathing • 48 hours
  19. Babylon Reader • 21 hours
  20. The Children’s War • 30.5 hours
  21. Library Book Nook • 25.5 hours
  22. Confessions of a Bibliovore • 20.75 hours
  23. Zappo’s Read-a-Rama • 21.5 hours
  24. RovingFiddlehead KidLit • 21 hours
  25. Blog From the Windowsil • 25.5 hours
  26. SonderBooks • 30.5 hours
  27. Library Chicken • 32 hours
  28. Crowding the Book Truck • 29.25 hours
  29. WhatYA Reading • 21.5 hours
  30. The YaYaYa’s • 21 hours
  31. Bookshelves of Doom • 25 hours
  32. Libri Dilectio • 22 hours
  33. A Random Hodgepodge of Bookishness • 23.25 hours
  34. Amanda Pearl’s Books • 20 hours
  35. The Purpled One • 47.75 hours
Many bloggers also connected their personal readathons with a cause. As I know it now, here’s a list of Blogging for The Greater Good:
I know that I missed some other participants along the way and am happy to accept corrections or additions to this list. Toss them in the comments. Thanks to all of the bloggers who mentioned, tweeted about, and otherwise promoted the 48 Hour Book Challenge. We would never have had such a fantastic turnout without your help. Thanks to the bloggers who supported a cause — and supported each other in raising money. Thanks to the authors, bloggers, and publishers who donated prizes. And of course, thanks to all of you who participated and made this such a wonderful event!

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grace said...

Thank you so much. I just sent you an email. I'm still all hyped up from all that tea :)


Kristin said...

Thanks! I just sent you an email. Oh, and I did have a "cause" this year (noticed that you linked to my post from last year). I should be donating $50 to our local homeless shelter. :)

And, my boss has also agreed to sponsor myself and my co-worker (A Chance Encounter) by giving $1 per book read to our local food bank. We are covering all the bases here!

Sam @ Parenthetical said...

Wow! I'm impressed. I'll have to go read some of those second-day posts to see how lucid they are. :) Thanks again for hosting!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for hosting this event! It is amazing to see how much reading everyone was able to accomplish.

Lady S. said...

That's fantastic - so many people with so much determination and stamina! Congratulations to all winners and again to you for running such a great challenge!

Sparrow said...

Thank you, I just emailed you. Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

Amazing that some people actually read for the full 48 hours! I couldn't even manage half (but I had 2 good nights of sleep!).

Thanks for organising, Motherreader. It was another fun challenge.

Madigan Mirza said...

Thanks for pulling this together! It's wonderful to have that "excuse" to completely devote yourself to reading, blogging and reviewing - for at least one weekend a year.

Juli said...

Thanks for all your hard work in organizing this. It was great fun as always.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! I didn't expect to win anything at all due to the shocking body betrayal. :) I really appreciate it. Next year, I'm going to hit that 48 mark!

Abby said...

Thanks so much, Pam! I look forward to this weekend all year and always have so much fun! You do an awesome job with this challenge and I appreciate it!

Alex said...

Thanks for providing me with an opportunity to do just read away my time, a luxury I haven't had in a long time.
And thanks for doing such a great job of hosting. I will be emailing you soon.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting my blog! I had so much fun doing this reading challenge :) I think this should be a bi-annual thing. Anyone else up for a repeat in December lol

Charlotte said...

Thanks so much, Pam, for all the hard work you put into this! It was a lovely weekened.

Shelley said...

Thanks for hosting! I only read for a few hours but it was still fun to do a bit of visiting and twittering.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the winners! What a great week and some mighty fine causes, too! Cheers, Deb

Jone said...

Hi I raised $60 for Bridget's cause.