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Hello, KidLitosphere!

Why hello, KidLitosphere. Have a nice summer? (Yawwwn.) I feel like I’m waking up from a long sleep and still need my coffee. Sure I was up a few times during the “night,” for a quick posting or two, but now it is time to wake up and get going.

If the smell of bacon might get me stirring from my bed on a lazy Sunday morning, than it is the call for Cybils judges that stirs me now. You, potential panelists, are my bacon. I’m excited to meet you. Now, don’t email me for your Cybils scoop, even if I am the organizer for Fiction Picture Books. Read over the Cybils judging info and then submit your name for consideration on the Cybils form.

Of course, I’m also being pulled from my blissful repose by a steady sizzle. Not of pancakes on the griddle, but the upcoming KidLitCon Seattle. I’ve registered, snagged a panel presentation, and booked my flight/hotel. I’ve been processing your checks for the KidLitCon 2011 team and looking forward to seeing — and meeting — my blogging buddies. There is still time to register for this fabulous conference. In fact, I’d say there is no time better. The line-up of sessions looks fantastic, and the keynote speaker is Scott Westerfeld! And even so, I’ll still bet that the best moments for you as an attendee will come from meeting the bloggers and authors in real life. There really is nothing like it.

So, with all the excitement, it is time to get going, KidLitosphere! Just let me get my coffee...

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Michelle said...


I want to be there so bad. It looks like yet another great line up of sessions and the attendee list is phenomenal as well. Next year I hope to be there since it will be back on the East Coast.