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Threadless Sale

Huzzah! It’s time again for a Threadless sale. Their highly creative, often artistic t-shirts are selling for ten or twelve bucks — an absolute bargain for a book lover to make a statement like this:

The Best Channels since 1465 is just one of the many cool shirts featured. On the reading end, you might add Brainy Rainbow to your collection:

This Book Lover is a natural for me, with both a giraffe and books:

Or on a completely different note, you could share some feelings about couplehood with Love is Love:

This is the time to stock up, because sizes sell out fast. Along with the fourth selection here, I bought the lovely Secret Lake for me and Squinjas!, the humorous portrayal of ninja squirrels trying to steal scout cookies, for the tween. What Threadless shirt do you love?


Eva M said...

Oh yeah, Threadless rules! Hadn't seen that Giraffe with books yet - must obtain immediately. Too many faves to list them all - but here's one for Scrabble fans (and foes) - http://media.threadless.com//imgs/products/297/636x460shirt_guys_01.jpg

Melissa said...

Oh, I adore Threadless. However the one I want most (http://www.threadless.com/product/2609/Storytellers) is out of stock. :-( I'll have to hunt around and find something else fun... Thanks for the heads up on the sale!