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Nonfiction Monday: Parrots

Ten years ago, nonfiction books about animals would feature a block of text on one page with a second-rate photo on the opposite page. Then came the trend — still popular — of having several text boxes, a few photos, several captions, and maybe a “fun facts” box — the busy look catering to the short-attention-span crowd. But in the last few years a new generation of books is putting more focus on the photos, with amazing results. I’ve blogged about the Nic Bishop books and the Face to Face series, but here’s another find from my local library.

Parrots (The Wild World of Animals)
by Jill Kalz

ParrotsThe text is pretty standard, informational stuff — but the photos are spectacular! One huge, stunning, no-borders, full-page picture, with text in a box over the photo itself. Some of the pictures fill up the two-page spread. Now with a subject as colorful as parrots, this style is exceptionally stunning, but you’ll also relish the chance to explore many other topics in the series, The Wild World of Animals, including koalas, lions, dolphins, swans, and giraffes. The series has been around for a while, so you’ll want to look at the redesigned books published in 2006 or later. Here is an Amazon link to that listing.

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GatheringBooks said...

I love books with fabulous photographs. If the cover is any indication, I'm sure that the book itself is rich with lovely pictures. Thanks you for sharing.

Tammy Flanders said...

Thanks for highlighting this series. I often promote books that have stunning photographs. Any age can respond to a visually captivating photo and stimulate interest.
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Ana Maria Rodriguez said...

Publishers that only used B&W photos are now using color pictures, which I think is the way to engage readers of all ages. When I ask kids at schools, "do you want to see some pictures?" They all become very excited and I definitely have their attention! Thank you for posting today!