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Seventh Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge: Pre-Announcement

48 Hour Book Challenge There are a few things I need to work out, but let's call this the pre-annoucement for the Seventh Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge and set the date for the weekend of June 8rd–10th. It isn't the first weekend in June, but it is after Book Expo America where I tend to get prizes, so it makes sense. I will put up the official sign-up post with rules on Monday, April 30th, but feel free to start spreading the word. For a refresher on the rules, check out my 48 Hour Book Challenge standard information. If you can donate signed books, crafty ventures, illustrator sketches, reading paraphernalia, and other prizes, I’d really appreciate it. Email me with those at MotherReader AT gmail DOT com.

I have a couple of changes I'm looking at. In the efforts to open up the challenge to more levels of commitment, I want to give out a prize package to a random winner within each of three levels - 12 to 23 hours, 24 to 35 hours, and 36 to 48 hours. I would give signed books as individual prizes to those who hit 48 hours. I have the greatest respect and more than a little awe for our 48 Hour Readers, but I want to give more folks a chance to win.

Also, while I've encouraged the idea of reading for a greater good, I haven't pushed one particular benefactor. I would like to do so now with my pledge to Book People Unite and collect money for Reading is Fundamental. I'd like all participants to sponsor themselves with a pledge for the number of hours participating in the challenge and donate that amount directly through Reading is Fundamental. You many also look for additional sponsors in your online and "real" life, which if nothing else, promotes the ideas of us book people, you know, uniting. While there are many great libraries and literary causes that need help in these difficult times, I think the timing of the Book People Unite campaign is perfect for us to join forces for the greater good. So mark your calendars and watch this space for more info!


Karen said...

So excited it is this weekend!! I couldn't do it the previous weekend. Will start stockpiling books NOW! :)

Teacher said...

Calendar Marked. I love the tie in with RIF. Great idea!

Ms. Yingling said...

Look forward to this to a ridiculous extent. Thank you for picking this weekend! Graduation will be over, except I might be able to skip some parties!

LibraryStudent said...

I have been thinking about this all year and even saving the first weekend in June until I accidentally booked myself then, so I'm glad it's the second weekend, too! My brother is graduating, but come on, no one would notice me reading during that.