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Thursday Three: Poetry Month

I was going to give three bunny books to read if you missed the Easter selection at your local library, but then I looked up such books in my own library's catalog and found over three hundred picture book titles. Clearly, you don't need my suggestions as you would be much better off planting yourself in front of any picture book shelf and pulling out books at random - though as a hint, you'd have an easy time in front of the Rick Walton, Rosemary Wells, or Beatrix Potter books.

Now is the first week of National Poetry Month and there is so much going on, much of it listed at KidLitosphere Celebration of Poetry Month. Since this is the Thursday Three, I'll share three sample sites to start you off.

1. Irene Latham introduces a fantastic new activity in the KidLitosphere Progressive Poem. Watch a poem grow day-by-day as it travels across the KidLitosphere. If you lose track of the process, you can check the schedule for the next participant.

2. Greg Pincus brings back 30 Poets/30 Days with previously unpublished poems by favorite children’s authors. Some great poetry happens here, so don't miss it!

3. Author Amok offers a series 30 Habits of Highly Effective Poets with guest poets sharing their writing rituals. There will also be features on famous poets, writing prompts, and poetry.

It's coming to a close just as Poetry Month starts, but let me give a shout-out to Ed at Think Kid, Think! for leading us into the month with a spectacular Poetry Madness Tournament! Pitting poet against poet tournament style was certainly competitive, but it was at the same time a community building experience. And it was absolutely brilliant!

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Ed DeCaria said...

The speed of sound must be slower than I thought. I just heard your shout-out.


And thank you and everyone else who stopped by TKT throughout March to make the event what it was. Me posting poemless matchups and muttering to myself would have been a different kind of madness altogether.