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48 Hour Book Challenge FAQ's

As we count down to reading as a marathon sport, let's go over a few points. More questions? Ask them in the comments.

Do I need to have a blog to participate?
Pretty much. But if you set one up just for this challenge, you wouldn’t be the first to do so. You might find that the 48HBC kicks off a new hobby for you.

How does this reading for charity thing work?
This year we will offer our support to Book People Unite by making 2012 a Readathon for RIF. Sponsor yourself for an hourly pledge to contribute directly to Reading Is Fundamental. No money will go through me and your donation is at your comfort level. You are welcome to seek sponsorship as well, but it is not required.

Why can't we read for our own charity, like before?
I have always been reluctant to assign a specific cause, thinking that people should do what moved them. However, with the introduction of Book People Unite, I wanted a way to make that pledge more concrete and to help my other Book People - that would be you, kidlitosphere - do the same. Using the 48HBC offers a chance to promote one cause that we all believe in - that Reading Is Fundamental

Can I count time reading to my child? Can my kids join in?
You can certainly count time reading aloud to your child. Kids can always play along for the fun of it, but no prizes are offered. However, that doesn't mean that you couldn't give your own prize to your kid. Why not?

Can I count hours spent writing reviews during the 48HBC even if I schedule them to post after the challenge? That is so adorably organized. Yes, feel free to write reviews that will post later, though you might note that in your final summary.
I can't read the whole time because I have a wedding/graduation/recital/monster-truck rally to attend. Is that okay?
Yes. Once you start your hours they are continuous, but that doesn't mean that you won't have breaks - maybe even truly significant breaks - in your time. Though I'd gently suggest that if it is your wedding, you might reassess your priorities.

Why does the 48 Hour Book Challenge actually takes place over more hours in the weekend?
See above. True, it would be easier to have two specific days. But with time zones, work schedules, and the general freedom of bloggers to participate or not, a broader window of opportunity seemed more appropriate for our community.

How can I contact you to donate prizes?
Write me at MotherReader AT gmail DOT com and let me know what you’d like to donate. I usually pull together a bunch of things — books, jewelry, notecards, T-shirts, etc. — to make prize packages for the winners. I also like to have a few authors who’d be willing to send a personalized, signed book to a blogger for a few randomly selected “door prizes.” I’ll also take critiques, illustrator art/sketches/doodles, an offer to name a character in a book after a winner, or an eReader. A girl can dream.

I love this idea! How can I help?
Blog it. Tweet it. Share it. Seek sponsors. Post the button. Tell friends. Tell frenemies.  Most of all, sign up! Being part of this community event is helping.

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Ms. Yingling said...

Darn monster truck rallies! And weddings. Pshaw. If they are scheduled this weekend, they need to be rescheduled! I'm just glad that it isn't during graduation weekend. Brilliant, Mother Reader! I'm planning my pile of books already!