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48 Hour Book Challenge Update

All right, I may have put up the challenge and then disappeared. It's been a bit crazy and I've never been good at managing more than one big thing at a time. It's why I'll never be president. Well,that and the incident in Reno.

But with three weeks to go until the Seventh Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge, it is time to get serious. Certainly, Carol Rasco is setting the tone. Excited that the 48HBC will contribute as a readathon for Reading Is Fundamental, she's throwing in a wonderful prize:
Three Multicultural Book Collections for the winners in each of the three Challenge categories (or however you wish to use) to be donated to a school or non-profit of the recipients choice; the collection for this year titled Celebrations in honor of RIF's 45th Anniversary is made up of 45 books and activities for each to be used by Teachers, Parents, and Community members. I'll recruit some RIF cheerleaders, some of those Book People, you know! Thanks again for the support!
What a great way to coordinate the campaign for Book People Unite with our own love of reading lots of books in an artificially compacted time limit. Please sign up in the comments, post about the challenge, seek sponsorship and/or sponsor yourself. Don't worry if you can't read for an impressive number of hours. Participate because it's one way, one time, one weekend where we can be a community with a shared goal. All on the same page, as it were. Let's go team!

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