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Debriefing of a Weekend

See the exciting update at the bottom of this post!

I try to save my personal news and stories for Wednesdays, but so much has been going on that I haven’t been able to share — and now have too much to share. I’m going to work backwards with this past weekend, which I mentioned would be a bit insane.

First of all, Tohubohu was participating in the 48 Hour Film Project. On Friday night, we got our random genre: drama. The required elements for Washington, D.C., didn't give us much to go on either: a prop of keys, a character that was a recruiter named Denny or Denise Murray, and the line of dialogue, “I have just one question.” Fortunately, our writer and YA author Robin Brande had a fast and brilliant idea. Then Bill and I debated storyline, available actors, settings, and other logistics and made some changes. We had the script done at 10:00 p.m. — for a new Tohubohu record. Only foreseeable problem being that it was only four pages. Would it be enough to tell a story?

Well, I think so. I didn’t do much with filming but observe and chat. But I did learn how to hit a person with a car for the movies, so there’s that. The trailer is ready now and the film will screen at the AFI Silver Theatre on Friday, May 11th at 7:00 p.m.

Meanwhile, since Teen is a student critic for a theatre program, the Cappies, she had plays to see both Friday and Saturday nights. Her reviews were so well crafted that both were chosen for publication in local newspapers! Very proud of TeenReader! Her theatre class was also part of Text Alive, a D.C.-based program to bring Shakespeare to life for teens. Using one Shakespeare play, each school performed one scene with the setting of their choosing varying from post-modern to wild west to hip-hop club. Teen was the lead in her scene, and knocked it out of the park!

At the same time, Also-Teen was performing in a musical showcase on Friday and Saturday nights, with a Saturday matinee. The family split up our attendance so she always had some support. She probably didn’t need our accolades, because people came up to her afterwards to tell her how much they had liked her performance. She sang “The Lamest Place in the World” from the musical 13, and had a boy from the cast with her to make it like a real scene from the show. She was so professional that even when her microphone went out, she didn’t miss a beat. Then it was an audition on Sunday for that exact musical. She was fantastic, but there were a lot of talented teens there, so it isn’t a certainty. Still a great experience!

That’s enough for one debriefing, but stay tuned for updates!

UPDATE: Also-teen was just cast as Cassie in the 13 musical!


tanita✿davis said...

As this year I'm working with a couple of enthused people who wanted to pitch MW as a feature-length film, I've gotten a little busy frantically learning movie-speak. It's a whole 'nother world. I'm always so impressed by how you guys put all of that together every year. Good luck!

Meanwhile, love hearing your Teen & Also Teen tales - you've managed to somehow have two gifted and active people in your household - go, you! And again, congrats about your job - so, so happy that blue skies are ahead - and above! - for you/yours.

Charlotte said...

Yay for all of you!

Mary Lee said...

WOW! Lots of great news from your uber-creative family!!

Huzzah to all!

Carol H Rasco said...

Congrats to Cassie! And her supportive family!