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Picture Book Donations: Part I

At this time of year, a local organization here sets up a Christmas shop for their needy clients to find presents for their children. For the past couple of years I've brought them books from the ones I received as a reviewer and Cybils panelist.

I am very picky in my selection, knowing that this might be the only book that the child receives this holiday. Maybe even this year. Assuming that the parent won't be looking through for the exact right title for their child, I look for broad appeal and happy topics.

I am sharing the books in two parts, with today's selection being mainly 2011 titles. It always makes me feel bad that I can't review so many of the books that I have received, but I am grateful to the publishers who have sent me books over the years and allowed me to pass them on to others. Thank you, and know that your books went to a child in need.

The Big Snuggle-upThe Big Snuggle-up
by Brian Patten, illustrated by Nicola Bayley; Kane Miller

Everyone comes in to get warm, together.

Bug and Bear: A Story of True Friendship
by Ann Bonwill, illustrated by Layn Marlow; Amazon Children’s Publishing

Bear needs alone time, but Bug is persistent. Sometimes friendship is compromise.

Buglette the Messy Sleeper
by Bethanie Murguia; Tricycle Press

Buglette's messy sleeping saves the day!

Charlie the Ranch DogCharlie the Ranch Dog
by Rec Drummond, illustrated by Diane deGroat; Harper Collins

Charlie does all the work around that ranch. Wink.

Chicken, Chicken, Duck
by Nadia Krilanovich; Tricycle Press

Lots of farm animals, beautifully illustrated.

A Dog is a Dog
by Stephen Shaskan; Chronicle Books

Bouncing rhymes take a dog through a series of surprises for the reader.

Edwin Speaks Up
by April Stevens, illustrated by Sophie Blackall; Schwartz & Wade

Busy family can't quite hear their littlest member, but he keeps it together.

Every Little ThingEvery Little Thing
by Bob Marley and Cedelia Marley, illustrated by Vanessa Brantley-Newton; Chronicle Books
Bob Marley lyrics in a joyful, beautiful book.

by Tim Jessell; Random House

A falcon's journey, a boy's imagination.

Farmyard Beat
by Lindsey Craig and Marc Brown; Knopf Books

Dancing rhythms down on the farm

I Like You the Best
by Carol Thompson; Holiday House

Friends can fight, make up, and still be best friends.

Is Everyone Ready for Fun?Is Everyone Ready for Fun?
by Jan Thomas; Beach Lane Books

Jumping on the couch has never looked so good.

Jam and Honey
by Melita Morales, illustrated by Laura J. Bryant; Tricycle Press

Girl afraid of bee, bee afraid of girl, but both get what they need.

Job Site
by Nathan Clement; Boyds Mills Press

Construction and trucks on the job.

The Lighthouse Santa
by Sara Hoagland Hunter, illustrated by Julia Miner; Flying Dog

True story of a Santa who visited remote locations.

Light Up the NightLight Up the Night
by Jean Reidy, illustrated by Margaret Chodos-Irvine; Hyperion Books

The universe in the colorful, imaginary travels of a young boy.

Moo, Moo, Brown Cow
by Phillis Gershator, illustrated by Giselle Potter; Random House

All the farm animals contribute, not just the black sheep.

Mrs Noah’s Vegetable Ark
by Elena Pasquali, illustrated by Steve Larvis; Lion UK

Noah brought the animals, but his wife remembered the food.

Olive and Snowflake
by Tammie Lyon; Amazon Children’s Publishing

A puppy needs obedience training, along with his owner.

Ollie the Purple ElephantOllie the Purple Elephant
by Jarrett Krosoczka; Knopf Books

A purple elephant joins a family and then the circus.

Pussycat, Pussycat
by Dan Bar-el, illustrated by Rae Mate; Simply Read Books

The pussycat visited the queen and a whole lot more.

Shoes for Me
by Sue Fliess, illustrated by Mike Laughead; Amazon Children’s Publishing

Picking just the right shoes can be a challenge, but a fun one.

The Snow Blew Inn
by Dian Curtis Regan, illustrated by Doug Cushman; Holiday House

When a snow storm strike, this little inn is ready for company.

Tom’s TweetTom’s Tweet
by Jill Esbaum, illustrated by Dan Santat; Knopf Books

Simple breakfast plans get complicated.

The Three Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot
by Margaret McNamare, illustrated by Mark Fearing; Schwartz & Wade

A space-age fairy tale.

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