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Picture Book Donations: Part II

Following Part I of the story, I had always intended to bring books to the Christmas shop, but after the horrible events of Friday it felt even more important to do something in the cause of joy.

When I came back from my delivery, it was perfect to find that someone had expressed this concept so perfectly as Jarrett Krosoczka calling for us to Make Magic, Preserve Wonder. What better way to describe the importance of picture books in the hands of needy children.

 Berkeley’s Barn Owl Dance Berkeley’s Barn Owl Dance
by Tera Johnson, illustrated by Tania Howells; Kids Can Press

Dancing right out of the nest and into our hearts.

Chavela and the Magic Bubble
by Monica Brown, illustrated by Magaly Morales; Clarion Books

Magical bubble gum takes a girl to the Yucatan. Better than Jet Blue.

Chicken Big
by Keith Graves; Chronicle Books

Silly hens, it’s just a big chicken. Look at the title.

Daniel Boone’s Great Escape
by Michael Spradlin, illustrated by Ard Hoyt; Walker Books

Historical fiction takes an adventurous turn.

 Dogs on the Bed Dogs on the Bed
by Elizabeth Bluemle, illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf; Candlewick

Too many dogs in a rhyming romp.

The Eensy Weensy Spider Freaks Out
by Troy Cummings; Random House

Who cares what happens next with a great title like that.

Good Night, Chickie
by Emile Jadoul; Eerdmans Books

Chickie worries at bedtime, but Mommy has it covered.

How Do You Wokka Wokka?
by Elizabeth Bluemle, illustrated by Randy Cecil; Candlewick

A dance takes over a city neighborhood.

 Imogene’s Antlers Imogene’s Antlers
by David Small; Dragonfly Books

Growing antlers overnight doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

I Must Have Bobo!
by Eileen Rosenthal, illustrated by Marc Rosenthal; Atheneum Books

A favorite lovey is essential to both boy and... cat?

Hurry Down to Derry Fair
by Dora Chaconas, illustrated by Gillian Tyler; Candlewick

Old-fashioned fair in an old-fashioned time.

Legend of Ninja Cowboy Bear
by David Bruins, illustrated by Hilary Leung; Kids Can Press

A ninja, cowboy, and bear are friends with a conflict.

 Lots of Dots Lots of Dots
by Craig Frazier; Chronicle Books

A showcase of dogs in the world all around.

Metal Man
by Aaron Reynolds, illustrated by Paul Hoppe; Charlesbridge Publishing

Creating art out of junk and being a quiet inspiration.

by Shutta Crum, illustrated by Patrice Barton; Knopf Books

Siblings squabble with one word – Mine!

 Olu’s Dream Olu’s Dream
by Shane W. Evans; Katherine Tegan Books

Adventures begin at night.

Princess Baby, Night Night
by Karen Katz; Schwartz & Wade

Even little princesses must go to sleep.

Ron’s Big Mission
by Rose Blue and Corinne Naden, illustrated by Don Tate; Dutton Juvenile

Getting a library card. Becoming an astronaut. True story.

 Six Crows Six Crows
by Leo Lionni; Knopf Books

A scarecrow can’t chase these birds away, but fighting back isn’t the answer either.

Soup Day
by Melissa Iwai; Henry Holt & Co

Making soup with mom. Mmmm. Soup good.

by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illustrated by Scott Magoon; Hyperion Books

It’s hard out there for a spoon.

Sunday is for God
by Michael McGowan, illustrated by Lou Fancher and Steve Johnson; Schwartz & Wade

Simple beauty in a day given to worship.

 Ten Big Toes and a Prince’s Nose Ten Big Toes and a Prince’s Nose
by Nancy Gow, illustrated by Stephen Costanza; Sterling
Flawed princess and prince find each other, and happiness.

Ten for Me
by Barbara Mariconda, illustrated by Sherry Rogers; Sylvian Dell Publishing

Butterflies and math. Together again.

Ten on the Sled
by Kim Norman, illustrated by Liza Woodruff; Sterling

Winter fun on a sled, not a bed.

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