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Giving Back: A Mo Willems Inspired Post

Killing time on New Year's Eve, an email reminder about Donors Choose sent me looking around the site. As I always do there, I searched for book projects in either Virginia or D.C., not committed to giving a specific amount as much as seeing what might connect. I was caught by this request looking for specific beginning reader titles:
These books, by Jan Thomas and Mo Willems, are ones that young readers will read again and again and again. The stories are hilarious, the illustrations are simple, but brilliant. The vocabulary and wording are accessible. These are the first books my students search for when we visit the library each week.

My students are willing to struggle and work hard to become readers. They love books, both independently and when shared. These books will ensure that every student can find a copy of a book they want to read.
Oh yeah, I can connect to a book list of Mo Willems titles. Without a second thought, I donated enough to buy all the Elephant & Piggie series (plus a contribution to Donors Choose). Others donated enough for the rest of the books, meaning that the class will be able to enjoy them very soon. The teacher's thank you note made me so happy, so I'll share it too:
Happy Pig Day!I am so excited to return to school tomorrow and tell my students that we will soon be receiving a huge box full of Jan Thomas and Mo Willems' books. I know these titles will all be in their book boxes as soon as they arrive in our classroom. These two authors are favorites of everyone in our class (including me) so these books will be highly anticipated and much loved. Thank you so much for your generosity towards my students and myself. These emerging readers will grow quickly and with great excitement in their reading thanks to you.
What a great way to begin a new year! Giving books to kids who want, need, and love them!

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Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! I love Mo Willems. :) I always reccomend the Elephant and Piggie books to early readers. They're so much fun!

Mary Lee said...

Perfect. Especially knowing your Mo-Love.

Unknown said...

I am so glad to know that you were able to kick off 2013 with a little mo Mo!

What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing, Pam.

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! :)